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Have a restful weekend. xxx

Baby’s Deconstructed Chicken Noodle Soup and the Double Spoon Technique

What on earth is the Double Spoon Technique? I think I just made that up.

Phew, little one is back to enjoying food after a little food strike when she was not feeling fabulous after her first year vaccinations.


Deconstructed Chicken Noodle Soup

This is one of her favourite meals and it is so easy to make. Win win! Let’s call it deconstructed Chicken Noodle Soup. Boil a piece of chicken for an hour, add spaghetti and brocolli before serving. Voila! Served on the very handy OXO Tot Plate.

Compartment plates are the best. A plate is a plate but I love the curved rims of this one. Less mess, I promise.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Here you go, bubba. Wow, there is soup! “Come on baby, don’t tip it over”

I must have a feel.

Baby Led Weaning Ideas

Here we go, the ‘double spoon’ technique. While she feeds herself, I feed her too with another spoon. Haha! Lots of supervised baby led weaning for now.

Discovering cutlery



Open Wide

She feeds herself relatively well, thankfully. Her attempts with cutlery is adorable but not always successful.

Loves her green vegetables for now (long may it last).


Check me out mum :)

Self feeding

Finishing her little meal with half a nectarine. Mmmm!

Nectarine time

On a side note, I feel like purchasing the OXO Tot 4-Piece Feeding Set as its on offer currently. Oh, temptations :P


Bake Sale Cupcakes

Bake Sale

LOVE LOVE love these very adorable chocolate toppers! Made with help from Baked By Me‘s cupcake and ribbon mould. There’s a little slot to convert them to lollies too.

Easy peasy vanilla buttercream cupcakes accompanied by some chocolate lollypops.

Vanilla Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcake topper

Crossed Charity Ribbon Cake

Closed up charity cupcake

Bake sale cakes

Have a delicious day ahead.


Freya Turns One

Can you believe that my little darling is a year old? Already! In fact, this is a much delayed post. 2 months after she turned one :) I cannot believe that she has been in our lives for a whole year, it is definitely the quickest year of my life.

A whole year of her happy existence, cheeky chuckle, sparkly eyes, sparse but very curly hair. Nursing, co-sleeping, cuddles and crawling around exploring.

A year of my heart beating outside my body. Its all about her, she has shown me a love that I never knew. Forever thankful to be her mummy.

We did not do anything big but we held a little ‘party’ of 3 for her. Mummy, daddy and the birthday girl :) She had her first taste of cake! I baked a special allergy one for her without any dairy and eggs.

First birthday

Awaiting birthday girl

Dairy egg free allergy cake

First birthday cake

Cake Time

Present time



Vtech Zebra

Happy 1st birthday my little one and may the next year be ever so exciting for you.

First Snow for Bubba

I transformed into a little child last night when snow started falling beautifully from the skies. Come on snow, settle.. thicker.. bigger flakes. One can hope :)

I hopped outside with the other half to have a whiff of crisp snowy air at like 1am (nutter!) This will be little one’s first experience with snow and I was curious to see how she will react. She absolutely loved the sand on the beach where its nice and warm. Snow?

Fresh Snow

First snowfall

Snow experience

not so much.. for now. She was pretty unimpressed.


Spot her toys surrounding her. She was quite reluctant to get her fingers out and we failed to keep gloves or mittens on her as well.

Look darling, snow!

Look, little one

Cozy snowsuit

Daddy daughter snow time


Time to go in for more cuddles, a s.m.i.l.e at last.

A smile at last

Got to love a snowy day in. We have had copious amounts of tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Tummy Time Flashback

I love these turn back time posts. So you will just have to bear with me :) Here’s me from 28 years ago.Young Iris

and here’s little bubba trying very hard during tummy time. The struggle was real but she gradually improved. This seems ages ago especially since she is currently trying to walk.

Tummy time

Tummy time struggles

Tummy time at playgroup

Baby Freya

As she grows older, I have noticed she looks more and more like her daddy. Do you see the resemblance?

Chicken & Chinese Mushroom for Baby and Me


1 onion
An inch of ginger
4 cloves of garlic

5 pieces of skinless chicken, diced (any meat really)
6 Chinese mushrooms soaked in warm water for 30 minutes and then sliced ( available in Asian supermarkets )
1 potato
Half a broccoli

Salt & black pepper to taste
3 tablespoons soya sauce


Sautéed onion, ginger and garlic till  your kitchen smells heavenly. Add in chicken and potatoes as they take longer to cook.


Throw in everything else! I added freshly ground black pepper at this point and lots of water because little one was trying to climb somewhere. These one pot recipes are the best as I can tend to her when this is on the cooker.



Voila! Look at her eyeing my meal instead of hers, at least she didn’t chuck my plate onto the floor. 😂

Baby led weaning : success. She has never had Chinese mushrooms ever so she was rather intrigued and gave that a few nibbles to start. She ate most of the chicken.


Hope you enjoyed reading our first post of the new year.

Ps. do try the recipe out! xxx

Dairy and egg free passionfruit cake recipe

image For those following our little journey on Instagram, you may know that bubba had terrible eczema when she was about 6 weeks old and we found that she was sensitive to dairy, eggs and nuts with the help of some blood tests. We managed it relatively well with daily showers, lots of Aveeno, diet exemptions as well as steroid creams (unfortunately!). Her sensitivities were recently confirmed with a skin prick test.

We are extra careful with the little one as we had one episode where her eyes swelled upon contact with presumably dairy 2 months ago.

What is life without a bit of cake though? Its easier said than done as it is VERY challenging to find a dairy free, egg free, nut free cake that one can trust. No worries, make your own :)

Homemade passion fruit cake : 

1 and 3/4 cups flour

1 cup sugar

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp vinegar

2 tsp vanilla

1/3 cup oil

1 cup cold water

4 passion fruit


You cannot omit the vinegar, everything else can be tweaked around ;) I just used a spatula to combine the ingredients. Baked it in a loaf tin at 350F / 176°C till.. toothpick comes out clean. My apologies, I did not keep an eye on the clock as I was running in and out of the kitchen.

Frosting was a passion fruit, some icing sugar and dairy free butter. No measurements, whoops.

image image

Mmmm, hello cake! 

image image image

Bones, coffins, dentures, eyeballs, fingers, brains ?

Have a peek! Some of them on offer too xxx

Baked By Mummy Iris

What a title for a blog post! Very morbid. However, it does mean that Halloween is close. Woohoo! Anyone hosting a party?

This is our bones mould in use :) The mould is fab and is £4.99.

Bones mould

Chocolate bones made with Baked By Me's mould

As requested, we now have a spooky Coffins mould on our little online shop!

Coffins mould

I personally love our Dentures mould. Check out what The Chocolate Ear made with our mould. She sells ready made chocs!

Dentures by The Chocolate Ear

This is a very ghastly (all edible) version also made by The Chocolate Ear with our mould. Might put you off chocolate forever!

Ghastly Chocolate Dentures the chocolate ear

Revolting isn’t it? Very cool and apt for Halloween though :)

Cannot wait to see what you come up with! Here are 2 cool moulds that will be great for gory makes.

Our Eyeball mould, £4.99:

Eyeball Mould

Brains mould:

Brains mould

Perhaps, something more colourful now. Proper chocolate fingers?

Gorgeous ones made by our lovely customer, Amy Bugg with our…

View original post 47 more words

Oranges are fun and so are her Tomy eggs.

This little munchkin has an affinity towards solid toys. Not a huge fan of soft toys since she was born. Pass her an orange, she will be entertained for at least 5 minutes before she starts gnawing on the peel. She does not play with fruits, spatulas, the core of kitchen rolls, tissue packets all the time to keep her stimulated and entertained. She has toys too. Haha! Sharing her favourite, Hide and Seek Eggs.

It comes in a yellow box that looks like it is from a takeaway. We lug it everywhere especially on long car and train journeys. ( We have just made two 5 hour journeys to Edinburgh with her)

Crack them open to reveal brightly coloured eggs.

Press down on the eggs, and they will ‘cheep’ . Okay, a little squeak.

It is also a shape sorting game but that will have to wait till she is slightly older. For now, she loves to ‘crack’ them open, and go knock, knock, knock! Seriously, who comes up with toy ideas like these eggs.

They are cheapest on Amazon at £4.49, free delivery although if you are planning a big shop for the festive season, they are available on Kiddicare. They do price match and you can save up to 60% on toys on HERE. Since it is getting chilly, you can also save up to 70% on pushchair footmuffs.

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