Bones, coffins, dentures, eyeballs, fingers, brains ?


Have a peek! Some of them on offer too xxx

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What a title for a blog post! Very morbid. However, it does mean that Halloween is close. Woohoo! Anyone hosting a party?

This is our bones mould in use :) The mould is fab and is £4.99.

Bones mould

Chocolate bones made with Baked By Me's mould

As requested, we now have a spooky Coffins mould on our little online shop!

Coffins mould

I personally love our Dentures mould. Check out what The Chocolate Ear made with our mould. She sells ready made chocs!

Dentures by The Chocolate Ear

This is a very ghastly (all edible) version also made by The Chocolate Ear with our mould. Might put you off chocolate forever!

Ghastly Chocolate Dentures the chocolate ear

Revolting isn’t it? Very cool and apt for Halloween though :)

Cannot wait to see what you come up with! Here are 2 cool moulds that will be great for gory makes.

Our Eyeball mould, £4.99:

Eyeball Mould

Brains mould:

Brains mould

Perhaps, something more colourful now. Proper chocolate fingers?

Gorgeous ones made by our lovely customer, Amy Bugg with our…

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Oranges are fun and so are her Tomy eggs.

This little munchkin has an affinity towards solid toys. Not a huge fan of soft toys since she was born. Pass her an orange, she will be entertained for at least 5 minutes before she starts gnawing on the peel. She does not play with fruits, spatulas, the core of kitchen rolls, tissue packets all the time to keep her stimulated and entertained. She has toys too. Haha! Sharing her favourite, Hide and Seek Eggs.

It comes in a yellow box that looks like it is from a takeaway. We lug it everywhere especially on long car and train journeys. ( We have just made two 5 hour journeys to Edinburgh with her)

Crack them open to reveal brightly coloured eggs.

Press down on the eggs, and they will ‘cheep’ . Okay, a little squeak.

It is also a shape sorting game but that will have to wait till she is slightly older. For now, she loves to ‘crack’ them open, and go knock, knock, knock! Seriously, who comes up with toy ideas like these eggs.

They are cheapest on Amazon at £4.49, free delivery although if you are planning a big shop for the festive season, they are available on Kiddicare. They do price match and you can save up to 60% on toys on HERE. Since it is getting chilly, you can also save up to 70% on pushchair footmuffs.

Nottingham Goose Fair

The Goose Fair returns to thrill and delight city residents and visitors. Thrill and delight, the fair did just that! :) This outing was extra special as it was Freya’s first time at a fair with us, I brought her to the Riverside Festival in August but the Mr was working.

It is not cheap as it really adds up when there is so much to eat, drink, and play. We drove, parking spaces are a fiver. Its worthwhile though as its a lovely experience for a family. Such great memories to be made at Goose Fair! Bubba might be tad young though, haha.

Lots of pictures for you to drool at :D

Fresh donuts smothered in sugar. They were lush.

Donuts Sugared Donuts We didn’t purchase anything from here, but got to love a pastel cart!Pastel Food Cart Sausages

Tried some Spicy Jerk Chicken from this stall. I really enjoyed the mango, pineapple, ginger chutney that was served with it.Jerk Chicken IMG_3146

There were burgers.. everywhere!

Burgers aplenty Erm, and cocks on sticks?
Cock on Sticks

How cool is this booth?! Chinese Takeaway

Definitely not impossible to win as you do see people lugging their prizes around.

Goose Fair Nottingham Balloons

Daddy & Freya

Posing with our ‘win’ from Hook A Duck. 

Daddy & Freya

Sunset at The Goose Fair

Its still on till 11pm tonight and 9pm tomorrow. Fantastic family fun to be had :) Go if you can xx

Highchair On The Go

We were at a lovely coffee kiosk on a sunny Saturday enjoying breakfast and they had a brilliant alternative to a highchair. They whipped out this piece of cloth with easy instructions behind the piece of material. We have not used it before but it took us less than 5 minutes to figure it out. Little one thoroughly enjoyed sitting on her adult chair, I just had to google it and its less than a tenner. I am definitely ‘investing’ in one. Oh yes, its called a chair harness :)

Sunshine in the face

Gro Company Chair Harness

She looks like she’s on a little holiday with the glorious sun in her face, munching on rice cakes and clementines :)

Festive Chocolate Moulds

Santa stuck going down the chimney?Santa Chimney Lollipop Mould Gingerbreadman and little gingerbread house mould! Gingerbreadman and gingerbread lollipop mould Snowman and christmas tree!Snowman Christmas Tree Mould and a waving Santa!
Waving Santa Chocolate Mould

They are currently on offer for £4 on my little website. They are very easy to use, just add melted chocolate. Allow to set and pop them out. Ps. they are oven safe too if you want to bake shortbread or make crayons, soaps and other crafty delights. They are also perfect for making your own dairy free chocolate.

Baby’s Full Moon Celebration

It is customary and rather lovely to hold a Full Moon celebration when baby turns a month old. We held an intimate party to celebrate Freya’s first full month of life :) The first month flew by and she is indeed a little bundle of joy. My aunty is ‘masterchef’ and she cooked up a feast!

Red Tortoise Cake

Ang Ku Kueh

Homemade chinese pastries! Red tortoise cake (Angku Kueh) is a small round shaped Chinese pastry with soft sticky glutinous rice flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling in the centre. It is molded to resemble a tortoise shell and is presented resting on banana leaf. We had grounded peanut filling in ours. These pastries are used to commemorate a tiny tot’s first month which is why it is in red and imprinted with the word 寿 (Shou) meaning longevity in the middle of the shell shaped dumpling. The top pictures were taken before the cakes were steamed.

Full Moon DelicaciesAng Ku KuehChicken curry and yellow glutinous riceTurmeric rice (‘Pulut Kuning’ in Malay) and Chicken Curry.

Red eggs

Eggs, dyed red to symbolise good luck. The Chinese do love their red. Eggs are chosen as they represent fertility and their shape symbolises harmony.

Chocolate making with Baked By Me's mouldsI made some homemade personalised chocolates with some of my favourite designs – little feet, magic stars and horses since little one was born in the Year of the Horse. I made them that very morning as it only took less than an hour.

Personalised homemade chocolatesHomemade Chocolate lollipopsPaper plates were handy and this porcelain inspired design is just pretty.Little table display. Presenting our ‘guest of honour’, the 1 month old bubba :)

Hello world

Our little family

and just for a little giggle, sharing one from the cutting floor. She clearly had enough.

No more photos please

Normalise breastfeeding

Babies need to eat. When I sit down to eat, so will she. Is that okay with you?

Thankfully, breastfeeding was very natural to baby and myself. So, Freya is fully breastfed. (Its not all smooth sailing. Ps. mastitis is terrible) To feel normal after giving birth, I HAD to get out of the house. Even though, I would still make 10 different mental lists in my head on what goes in the changing bag .. as long as my nursing cover was in there, I knew I was covered and we will be fine. Phew! Mine’s a Bebe au Lait and you can get it from Boots or Amazon. Initially, I thought it was daylight robbery as its just a piece of cloth with a smart bowed shape neckline for you to look at baby. This secure piece of material has given me a ‘life’ by allowing me to feed bubba anywhere and everywhere! Besides, this is the only cover I purchased and we have been using it for 9 months and counting.

Steak lunch

Milk drunk bubba

Fish & Chips

This cover have seen quite a few cafes and restaurants! I must add that if you are worried or not comfortable, don’t overthink it. We have only met nice people during our ‘public’ breastfeeding journey thus far, no offensive stares and very understanding people all around.

Just on time for Oktoberfest.

Fun fun fun! Seen this? Perfect timing eh when winter blues starts kicking in (jokes)

Beer Mug mouldHomemade Beer Mug Chocolates

Is this not perfect? A delight for a beer AND chocolate enthusiast. Cheers!

Turn Back Time

Sharing a proper throwback post, here’s a picture of my mum cuddling me in the 1980’s. Oh, such a gem! Thanks mum for keeping all our pictures in proper albums :) Ps. I had the most since I am the eldest or the cutest. Haha, poor brothers.

Turn Back Time

Last year, we were blessed with a new precious addition to our families. Don’t we look very similar?


Mummy with Freya

She is now GRAND as she is a Nanna.

Picture with Nanna

Grandchildren are the best.

I blinked and she is now …

Not so wee anymore

not so wee anymore.

The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep

Number 1 bestseller. This book keeps popping up in my Facebook news feed, aye very creepy but FB is genius as it knows what we look at online and keeps encouraging me to BUY buy buy.

Little bubba might be too young for this book but I am super curious whether this actually works or not as there are so many mixed reviews. Loads swear by it but quite a few says don’t bother as it does not work. If you read the amazing reviews, you will be like WOAH… “how does this actually work?”

Do share your experience with me :) xxx

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