Marvellous Malt Balls Cookies

I love love love Maltesers and found out that you enjoy them just as much as me. Munched on way too many whilst developing this recipe for you. This flavour was suggested to us by our lovely followers on Twitter and we now have the Marvellous Maltesers Cookie Mix Jar and the Maltesers Baking Bag available on our online store and a few shops!

Our cookie mix jars and baking bags makes delicious cookies and are very convenient. Not to fret, easy instructions come with your cookie mix.

Here’s a picture tutorial of Baked By Me’s Marvellous Malt Balls cookie mix.

What do I need?

Softened butter, an egg and our   cookie mix!

First step, is to mix the butter and egg together. You can use a mixer, I usually just use a wooden spoon.

Check out the mixture of butter and egg! Yes, it is just butter and egg but I get excited over little things like this.

For a wonderfully chewy cookie, you can add all the ingredients form the jar. I prefer to leave most of the Maltesers aside and pop them on top of the cookies fresh out of the oven.

Tip the ingredients from your cookie mix jar or baking bag into your mixture.

Mix well.

Ps. did you notice my little bowl of Maltesers on the side? I really enjoy decorating the cookies when they are warm  out of the oven.

Mmm, so hungry. The smell is overwhelming.

We now have cookie dough that is mixed until combined.

Roll the dough into walnut size balls or just drop a tablespoon of dough onto your lined baking tray.

Oven time.

You will have to be patient for 8 whole minutes.

Wooohooo, they are done and I have quickly popped the Maltesers on them.

Nom nom nom. Hope you enjoyed our picture tutorial! Have a Marvellous Monday and a productive week ahead.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. peoplefirstmobility
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 14:19:22

    the picture tutorial is a Brill idea 🙂 Who gets to eat them when they are cooked though? They look Yummy, will df be getting stuff from you for cute Xmas gifts 🙂 xx


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