Harvester & Krispy Kreme

Intended to watch a movie at the Metrocentre last night but was distracted by the new shops at MetrOasis! 2 huge restaurants, Toby Carvery and Harvester and 2 indulgent spots, Krispy Kreme and Starbucks. My heart was telling me to skip dinner and just indulge on doughnuts. Such a sucker for KK when they are warm and fresh. So different from the ones you find at rest stations.

Decided on Harvester for a hearty meal! First time there and the waiting staff were lovely. The concept is simple, just have to decide on a a grill, sauce and side. There is also an unlimited salad bar. Loved their salad bar for their variety and their delicious dressings and toppers.

Garlic bread to start, the other slice is missing! Whoops.

Main dishes, beef ribs for me and the Mr indulged on pretty “rare” steak.

I personally thought the main dishes were good but could be better. The Mr opted for mash potato as his side, but it was not available. Very odd since I had baby potatoes as my side. Surely it was just a matter of mashing them up with butter. Nevertheless, we were still happy with our food, ambience and service.

Loads of people in the restaurant were enjoying their sundaes! They looked AMAZING. Did not try one as the plan was to head on over to Krispy Kreme.

 The rain was relentless yesterday evening, so instead of popping into Krispy Kreme we opted for their drive-thru.

Look! My salted caramel doughnut.

Delicious day indeed.

Cupcakes topped with a pretty Fondant Blossom Flower

Baking day involved chocolate cupcakes topped with a vanilla frosting.

I made quite a few blossom flowers with fondant in advance and used them to decorate each cupcake! Pretty delicious little cupcakes 🙂

Check out my little cupcake in a box for one! Lucky person 😉

Happy Sunday!



Special Friday Promotion on Baking Bags!

Got to love a cheeky Friday promotion! Have you tried Baked By Me’s delicious and convenient baking bags? Available in 9 flavours including 2 gluten-free ones. Easy baking instructions accompany your baking bag and all you need to do is add an egg and butter.

Hope you take advantage of this promotion to try our cookie mixes! Enjoy shopping on our site and wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead.

Jelly monsters

For the jelly monster! We have gorgeous pastel jelly moulds, which comes in a set of 4. Love that they look retro and the jelly comes out looking very regal. Makes great gifts at £2.95.

Here are some tips on how to get your jelly out.

Make the jelly concentration stronger by adding a little less water to your mix.

Run a knife around the top edge of the mould. (Please get an adult to do this, if a child is making the jelly)

Dip the mould (to the edge) into a shallow pan of warm water for a few seconds. VOILA!

Would love to see what you make with them. Do share xx


Happy National Cupcake Week!

Fluffy vanilla cupcakes with Belgian chocolate cupcake toppers! I used our selection of silicone moulds. To make the chocolate toppers, just melt chocolate in a double boiler and then use a spoon to fill the moulds. Tap slightly to get rid of air bubbles then pop in the fridge for few minutes! All done 🙂 They look AMAZING (for the little effort), even if I have to say so myself.

A very picture-heavy post indeed. Hope you enjoyed my cupcakes. If you are around Durham or Newcastle and would like to order bespoke cupcakes, just give me a shout or email me at hello@bakedbyme.net

Do have a go at making them yourselves and share your pictures with me 🙂 All the silicone moulds used here are available on Baked By Me’s website. Hope you are having a lovely and productive Monday!

Big kiss,

Iris xx

Raspberry Tart

Fresh raspberries will be the focus today! Lush, but even better in a buttery tart.

Cannot go wrong with Pate Brisee (shortcrust pastry), which contains 5 easy ingredients flour, salt, sugar, butter and iced water. This pastry needs to be chilled. Once chilled for about an hour, I rolled it out and sprinkled the pastry with sugar.

Particularly enjoyed assembling this tart. Arranged the raspberries in a concentric circle and then folded the edges of the pastry over the filling. The edges of the pastry was brushed with melted butter and more sugar sprinkled on top of the raspberries.

Hooray! Pastry is a lovely golden brown, raspberries are slightly oozing juice, ready to devour once dusted with icing sugar. Thoroughly enjoyed my raspberry tart, ate a few slices warm fresh out of the oven with a drizzle of cream. This is love.

Hope you had a brilliant weekend!! Looking forward to a brand new week.

Raspberry Mascarpone Macarons

Was trying to hunt down pictures of Paris and this is the best that I could find. Love love love Laduree especially their macarons. Everything offered on their menu was exquisite. Definitely did not disappoint, well worth the 30 minute wait for a table.

Slightly carried away, not a Laduree review but a post featuring my homemade macarons with no food colouring. They would have looked much better in pink but I tend to avoid using colouring.

For the shells:

90 grams egg whites (left at least overnight in the fridge)

25 grams granulated sugar

200 grams icing sugar

110 grams ground almonds

For the filling:

110 grams mascarpone (at room temperature)

3 tablespoons raspberry jam

If you are interested in how I made them, there will be another blog post coming up, as I made them again with a blackcurrant filling.

Check out my macaron pops! *Heart* everything on a stick, you have to try them out sometime.

Excuse the ‘punctured’ macarons, was careless when I was handling them.

These were delicious! The mascarpone filling was creamy and complemented the raspberry conserve very well. The worst part is having to wait a day for the macarons to ‘mature’.

Are you a macaron fan?

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