Triple Chocolate Toblerone cookies!

One of the most popular questions I get is, “What is your bestselling cookie mix flavour?” AND yes, it is our TRIPLE CHOC TOBLERONE! Unless you are allergic to nuts, who does not love a bar of Toblerone? Smooth chocolate combined with the light crunch of almond nougat. Mmmm!

They are even better in a cookie. Rich chocolate cookie loaded with Toblerone and Belgian dark chocolate chips.

Cookie mixes are available in big glass jars, mini jars and baking bags and yes they do make great presents for both adults and children alike. You can even buy them in a COMBO (such great value at £14.80).

Crave worthy cookies! Delicious on its own and even better with milk or  cup of tea or coffee.

Oh yes, there is a special FLASH SALE for our big jar (makes 20-23 cookies) and mini jar (8-10 cookies) which will end today. Hope you will try them and I am sure you will be stocking up after.

YUM YUM YUM, happy Sunday 🙂

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