Raspberry Mascarpone Macarons

Was trying to hunt down pictures of Paris and this is the best that I could find. Love love love Laduree especially their macarons. Everything offered on their menu was exquisite. Definitely did not disappoint, well worth the 30 minute wait for a table.

Slightly carried away, not a Laduree review but a post featuring my homemade macarons with no food colouring. They would have looked much better in pink but I tend to avoid using colouring.

For the shells:

90 grams egg whites (left at least overnight in the fridge)

25 grams granulated sugar

200 grams icing sugar

110 grams ground almonds

For the filling:

110 grams mascarpone (at room temperature)

3 tablespoons raspberry jam

If you are interested in how I made them, there will be another blog post coming up, as I made them again with a blackcurrant filling.

Check out my macaron pops! *Heart* everything on a stick, you have to try them out sometime.

Excuse the ‘punctured’ macarons, was careless when I was handling them.

These were delicious! The mascarpone filling was creamy and complemented the raspberry conserve very well. The worst part is having to wait a day for the macarons to ‘mature’.

Are you a macaron fan?

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. eat sweet. by carla sue
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 14:33:18

    Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award Check it out here: http://carlasueeatsweet.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/the-sunshine-award/


  2. Paula {Salt, Pepper and a Dollop of Cream}
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 08:25:04

    Iris, I’m jealous! I tried making macaroons before but it was a DISASTER of gargantuan proportions! But you’ve inspired me to give it another go. The lollipop idea is so cute, who can resist!


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  4. rosewithoutthorns
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 19:28:21


    You make these macaroons look so delicious and easy! I’ve never tried making them before cos they look difficult, but i will have to try them one day!!

    thanks for sharing!



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