Harvester & Krispy Kreme

Intended to watch a movie at the Metrocentre last night but was distracted by the new shops at MetrOasis! 2 huge restaurants, Toby Carvery and Harvester and 2 indulgent spots, Krispy Kreme and Starbucks. My heart was telling me to skip dinner and just indulge on doughnuts. Such a sucker for KK when they are warm and fresh. So different from the ones you find at rest stations.

Decided on Harvester for a hearty meal! First time there and the waiting staff were lovely. The concept is simple, just have to decide on a a grill, sauce and side. There is also an unlimited salad bar. Loved their salad bar for their variety and their delicious dressings and toppers.

Garlic bread to start, the other slice is missing! Whoops.

Main dishes, beef ribs for me and the Mr indulged on pretty “rare” steak.

I personally thought the main dishes were good but could be better. The Mr opted for mash potato as his side, but it was not available. Very odd since I had baby potatoes as my side. Surely it was just a matter of mashing them up with butter. Nevertheless, we were still happy with our food, ambience and service.

Loads of people in the restaurant were enjoying their sundaes! They looked AMAZING. Did not try one as the plan was to head on over to Krispy Kreme.

 The rain was relentless yesterday evening, so instead of popping into Krispy Kreme we opted for their drive-thru.

Look! My salted caramel doughnut.

Delicious day indeed.

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