I want to make teacakes. Where can I buy silicone chocolate moulds used in the Great British Bake off?

Yes, one of the most popular search terms that leads you to us! Hello there.

After the Great British Bake Off Masterclass by Paul and Mary, our half sphere moulds that were used in the show to make chocolate marshmallow teacakes completely sold out in a day. We are still receiving lots of enquiries about this mould.

Happy news for all of us! They are £5.99 and available to pre-order now on our website. We will be receiving them on the 16th of November.

Making of chocolate teacakes!

Hope you like the pictures of my own chocolate marshmallow teacakes! I made them before the GBBO masterclass, and boy did they make it look easy. I know all my little errors now and am looking forward to making them again!

Thrilled to bits that they will be available very soon and decided to have a little giveaway! Be in the running to win this mould. Enter here at http://www.bakedbyme.net ! Good luck 🙂

Autumn snow

Winter, you are too early this time round. I am not a big fan of the bitter cold that bites your ears and nose but I do love it when it is snowing! Too pretty especially amidst autumn leaves.

It is FREEZING though, and you will need a winter coat, boots, gloves, scarf, something to cover your ears, face, you name it before you step out. I am still wrapped up warm in the comfort of the duvet and bed although I know I want to brave the cold and browse at the Durham City Food Festival.

Thrilled that our cookie mix jars will be making an appearance! You can buy them from Chocolaitshop at the Gourmet Food Marquee today and tomorrow 🙂


Fantastic makes and bakes!

I love it! THANK YOU 🙂 Baked By Me have the loveliest customers. Not only do they buy our products, they love and gush about them .. and then share their delicious makes with us after!

Going to share some of them with you! Perhaps you will be inspired to make them too.

This is a gorgeous chocolate horse made by Ellen Davies. Thank you for sharing Ellen!! I know so many horse lovers, they will make great presents! You can peek at the mould here.

Our moulds are not only for chocolate and cakes. I cooed when I saw these soaps made by the talented Julie West, Crystal Muse Soap. Her Rudolph and Winter Penguin soaps are too adorable! Our Christmas themed moulds sell like hot cakes on a daily basis. We have Hello Rudolph, Winter Penguins, Angels and Christmas Pudding to name some of them.

Next up is one of my favourite moulds! The handy spoons mould. Make them in advance and stir them in warm milk to make lush hot chocolate. They will be such a hit with guests 🙂

Gill Graham, made these lovely chocolate spoons! Thank you for sharing them with us, we love it.

Such a fabulous gift. Lovely Rachel personalised her chocolate spoons with her boss’s name, Viv. She also wrote a raving review about our moulds on her blog, Wedgie’s Wonderful World. Much appreciated Rachel, thank you.

Hope you are feeling inspired now! This has just reiterated the fact that I love thoughtful presents. Much better than a store bought present. Homemade presents are the best. Besides, they are much cheaper too!

Have a happy day ahead! 🙂

Chocolate Marshmallow Teacakes like in The Great British Bake Off!

I know lots of you have been watching the Great British Bake Off and I bet you are slightly sad that this season is over. I will definitely feel lost on Tuesday evenings now. Used to be the highlight!

The chocolate marshmallow teacakes was the technical challenge of the biscuit episode and I was very eager to try them out myself!

You will need a half sphere silicone mould which is available on our website here for £5.99. They sold out very quickly and more will be in on Tuesday, 23rd October. They are exactly the same as the one I have used, except that they will be in pink.

I knew making this would be a challenge although nothing compared to the Bake Off contestants as they had to make them on a warm summer day topped with loads of added pressure!

I have used Mr Silver Fox, Paul Hollywood’s step by step recipe and this can be found on the BBC website here. I made the biscuits first. You can also do the cheat version and just buy chocolate digestives 😉

First step : Prep for the biscuit base! Our popular hearts measuring spoons, £1.95 also made an appearance in this picture. Stir everything together to form a smooth ball.

Roll out dough and cut out 6 rounds.

Yay! The biscuit rounds were chilled in the fridge for a while and then they were all ready to be baked in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Next step will be to melt chocolate. Leave them aside to cool slightly as they are not very handy when they are too runny.

Next job is to coat the inside of the moulds with melted chocolate. Scooped a spoonful of chocolate into every mould and then used the back of a spoon to line the whole mould. Works quite well 🙂

I resisted the temptation of popping them in the fridge and just allowed them to set on its own. The key to shiny domes 🙂

Meanwhile, the cooled biscuits were dipped in chocolate. Remember to cover the sides too. It took so much out of me to prevent myself from eating them at this point!!

I found making the marshmallow rather fun although I am slightly annoyed at it now. It involves throwing all the ingredients together in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and whisking. Do use a large bowl as it doubles in size! *ahem* Make sure it is very stiff before piping them into your chocolate lined moulds.

Pipe some melted chocolate on top of the marshmallow especially around the rim.

Place the biscuit on top and VOILA! Everything got a bit messy at this point and did not manage to take photos. Leave them to set.

Unfolding them from the silicone mould was super daunting! I was worried that it will break into a lots of little pieces. Aaah, look at their domes, so glossy 🙂

They were perfect to me till..

… the moment of truth when I cut them in half.

The marshmallow was a tad runny and therefore not the right consistency. All that matters is that they tasted really good. Definitely on the ‘very sweet’ side.

Please take up the challenge and try them out too. Not as difficult as it looks on telly! I am still very impressed with my chocolate marshmallow teacakes! Yay!

Happy Sunday!! 🙂

Wow! Just had to share this with you. A lovely lady with a beautiful daughter, wonderful blog and this is a DELICIOUS post. Ps, our half sphere moulds are now sold out but you can pre-order for delivery next week.

Holly's New Home

I love a Tunnocks Teacake. Probably too much. So when I saw the episode of Great British Bake Off where they were making teacakes I couldn’t wait to have a go myself. And when my favourite baking supply site Baked By Me started stocking the moulds I did a little dance then ordered some straight away.

Now for the uninitiated this ain’t no dried fruit laden bread roll – of toasted teacake fame. This is a gorgeous mix of digestive biscuit, marshmallow and chocolate. If you are from over the pond I think it’s like a s’mores but the chocolate is on the outside.

I got the recipe from the BBC website, see here and after a quick dash round Tesco to get the ingredients, I was ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

I followed the recipe quantities closely, and the first thing I will say is that the measures for…

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Frenzy for our moulds

It has been another crazy week! Our moulds were getting all the attention this time around. They were available to purchase on Wednesday, the 10th of October and our online shop went slightly mad. All good though 🙂

Thank you very much for your orders and fantastic feedback. Such a thrill to see your photos when you received them and the kind comments about speedy delivery and how much you loved them.

The fun part now begins! Experimenting with your new moulds! Ps. our moulds are all made with food grade silicone and suitable for oven use, microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

If you purchased our Robot mould…

You can dust the inside with edible lustre dust to create a metallic effect. Just make sure your mould is completely dry and dust with edible dust before you add your melted chocolate.

For our Paw Prints Mould, 4 of the paw prints are embossed and 4 are raised. With the raised ones, pipe a little chocolate into the raised area. Once hardened, put a different kind of chocolate or candy melt into the rest of the cell to obtain a two tone chocolate!

You can even make shortbread cookies in them.

I am dying to make coffee cupcakes or a whole cake and decorate them with coffee-infused chocolate coffee beans! This mould is £3.20, such a good buy.

This will have to wait! Guess what I am making tomorrow 🙂 Hope it does not go all wrong for me. Will be challenging myself by making the technical challenge in The Great British Bake Off, tea cakes.

These were so popular as I am not the only GBBO fanatic! Ps, the lovely Cathryn from the show have been recommending our moulds on Twitter!! Aaaaaah, how amazing.

Our customer, the lovely Melody made GORGEOUS tea cakes using our new half sphere Great British Bake Off moulds. Aaaaah! Hope mine turns out like that 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed for me! Will be using this recipe.

Take care and hope you have a lovely Sunday tomorrow.






Split & Glory Ice Cream Parlour & Milkshake Bar

Durham boast a new ice cream parlour and milkshake bar! It’s on the top floor of Chapter’s and I was delighted with the menu, choice of ice cream and was exceptionally impressed with their cheery customer service and their ambience. Love the music played! Felt like swing dancing whilst enjoying my  ice cream!

Check out their sprayed on decoration on their walls.

Amazing options offered but I was way too full after a heavy lunch. Chose a scoop of banana ice cream and it was soooo good.

The Mr had a rich chocolate mint milkshake! Lush indeed.

Just love the whole American diner concept. If you are in Durham, you have to drop by Chapters of Durham Tea Rooms on Elvet Bridge.

And, no I was not paid to write this.


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