Fantastic makes and bakes!

I love it! THANK YOU 🙂 Baked By Me have the loveliest customers. Not only do they buy our products, they love and gush about them .. and then share their delicious makes with us after!

Going to share some of them with you! Perhaps you will be inspired to make them too.

This is a gorgeous chocolate horse made by Ellen Davies. Thank you for sharing Ellen!! I know so many horse lovers, they will make great presents! You can peek at the mould here.

Our moulds are not only for chocolate and cakes. I cooed when I saw these soaps made by the talented Julie West, Crystal Muse Soap. Her Rudolph and Winter Penguin soaps are too adorable! Our Christmas themed moulds sell like hot cakes on a daily basis. We have Hello Rudolph, Winter Penguins, Angels and Christmas Pudding to name some of them.

Next up is one of my favourite moulds! The handy spoons mould. Make them in advance and stir them in warm milk to make lush hot chocolate. They will be such a hit with guests 🙂

Gill Graham, made these lovely chocolate spoons! Thank you for sharing them with us, we love it.

Such a fabulous gift. Lovely Rachel personalised her chocolate spoons with her boss’s name, Viv. She also wrote a raving review about our moulds on her blog, Wedgie’s Wonderful World. Much appreciated Rachel, thank you.

Hope you are feeling inspired now! This has just reiterated the fact that I love thoughtful presents. Much better than a store bought present. Homemade presents are the best. Besides, they are much cheaper too!

Have a happy day ahead! 🙂

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