Amazing gluten free Easter Eggs and Chocolate Spoons made by Carly! She got the moulds from us and WOW she definitely did them justice. Oh so creative and wished I could dig into one right now. Thanks very much Carly for sharing this with us. xxx

fruit is not a pudding

Whilst there are a whole host of Easter treats suitable for the gluten-free, FINAP has been most put out that two of them are not on the menu. One is the Percy Pig ‘egg’ from Marks & Spencers who has evil wheaty shorts preserving his porcine modesty. The other is the Cadbury Egg and Spoon. There is no earthly reason for chocolate mousse to contain gluten. So we made our own.

We filled ours with a super creamy white chocolate mousse, you won’t need much. For added effect we recommend using a blob of lemon or orange curd in the middle for a ‘yolk’. Happy Easter, pudding fans!


Makes 4 ‘Kinder’ sized eggs and spoons


  • 200g milk chocolate*
  • 50g white chocolate*
  • 100ml double cream
  • 1 egg white
  • 12g sugar
  • Seeds from ½ a vanilla pod
  • Silicone easter egg and spoon moulds (ours were from Baked By Me

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