Wedding planning – Flowers

Eeeks, Ms Baked By Me will be Mrs Baked By Me in less than 2 weeks. Feels like I have just announced our engagement. Cannot believe the big day is nearly here. Panic time! Oh yes, Baked By Me – wise  quick quick get your orders in, we will have to close for the wedding as well as a short cheeky honeymoon. Yes, we will be open when payday arrives and  we close on the 3rd of July 12pm. We will be processing all orders on the 20th of July. Thank you for your understanding. 

Lots of you on our Facebook and Twitter pages wanted more info about bits and bobs about the wedding, planning, etc. So here goes! The first post about my crazy wedding flowers!

Why crazy? Last week, I received a surprising phone call from my wedding florist administrators! Seems our chosen florist went into administration. Our order will not be honoured and looks like we will not be able to claim our deposit back. Thankfully, we did not pay very much up front. This was not great news at all since am an ‘anything goes’ sort of Bride. The thought of having to start again and choose the bridal bouquet and decorations from scratch made me shudder.

Asked for lots of recommendations and Secret Garden in Jesmond, Newcastle came highly recommended.

Secret Garden Florist Jesmond

Off I went with a little print out of my ‘inspiration’ …

Wildflower Bridal Bouquet

No proper colour schemes, all I wanted was a rustic wildflower sort of look and feel. From the moment I stepped in Secret Garden, everything was just beautiful.

Stocks . Flowers at Secret Garden

Flowers Secret Garden

Flowers Secret Garden

Had a little wedding consultation with Terri. She was helpful and lovely. Love that she was very frank as well as I believe my taste can be questionable? Haha!

wedding consultation area at Secret Garden

Wedding flowers can now be checked off the list. Woohoo! Had a very enjoyable time as well. Fingers crossed, they will be very very very pretty. Will get to peek at them the day before the wedding! Will pen off with a wonderful wedding arrangement done by Secret Garden, Jesmond.

Wedding flowers vase jar lace

Dinner is served

Dinner is served

Home cooked lamb chops. Hope you enjoyed your tea xx


Make your own …

Chocolate Covered Oreos.

Chocolate Covered Oreos with Chocolate Transfer

with our fab new mould!

Chocolate Covered Oreos Mould

Each mould has 4 cavities and each cavity is the perfect size to fit a regular oreo inside.
This is just a short post to introduce some of our new goodies! They were up on our little online shop yesterday and boy oh boy, am so thankful that they are popular.
Next up, make your own … Hot Chocolate Spoons!
Hot Chocolate Spoons
Hot Chocolate Spoons Mould
We hope to bring in wooden spoons in the near future, in the mean time you can purchase them from here.
You can also make your own Chocolate Pizzas with
Chocolate Pizza Mould
We have 2 sizes available, 4.5″ and 7.5″. Be as creative as you like with your base and toppings! Such great fun.
Chocolate Pizza Mould
Chocolate Pizza
Ps. we also have ready made chocolate pizzas available. Have a browse on here for flavours and sizes.
Crunchy Munchy Chocolate Pizza
Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Pizza
Hope you have a lovely Sunday filled with great food and quality time with friends and family.


Hello everyone! Just got back from a short break and love love love all the pictures, messages and emails you send us 🙂 I missed you too.

Will share a very sweet email with you:


Just wanted to give you a big Thank you, for the brilliant moulds and top class service getting them to me.
I did the chocolate tea cakes in them, as soon as they arrived today. THEY WERE AMAZING !
The moulds were perfect and my family and friends were delighted with the results.
Loved the little Enjoy and X on the label too, it is a lovely warm touch and I really appreciated it.
Thanks again and I will certainly be back to you in the future.
Paula x

Aww, thank you very much Paula for such a raving review!

I know everyone loves pictures especially CHOCOLATE ones!

Here we go 🙂 First up, chocolate horse and tractors made by Chocolate Manor with our mould. Farmtastic!

Chocolate horse by Chocolate Manor.jpg-large

tractor chocolate manor

Super excited to share campervan cupcakes with you. These ones were loving made by the talented Valerie! Our campervan moulds have topped the bestseller list for a few weeks already. Definitely a ‘must have’ mould.

Campervan cupcakes by Valerie

Next up, cream and chocolate baby shower cupcakes. Talented Michelle Davies from Moobo used our dog and button mould to make some of the cupcake toppers! Her cakes are too gorgeous.

dog button cupcakes moobo michelle davies

Kate Turgoose definitely had some happy workmates when she made a lush bundt cake topped with chocolate Russian Dolls! We have both the bundt and russian doll moulds.

Bundt Russian Doll Kate Turgoose

Tummy is growling just from looking at your pictures. Very lush! Thanks for sharing your makes and bakes with me.

There’s quite a lot going on currently. Busy with our current goodies and shhhh our new goodies should be out by next week! Cannot wait to show you our new range of moulds. Oh yes, and I am getting married very very soon. Will try to update the blog as much as possible.

Much love,