Spooky Chocolate Skulls

Short post showing off a lovely customer make! Spooky chocolate skulls by Amy Bugg with our mould. Love that there is a variety to choose from. Milk, dark and white chocolate 🙂

Spooky chocolate skulls by Amy Bugg

Grab your skull mould today from here.

Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Got to love a 3 day weekend xx

How to make Chocolate Covered Oreos with Transfers

Hello everyone! Yes, we have the ‘Make Your Own’ Chocolate Covered Oreos mould in our Shop and we tend to get lots of queries whether they are very complicated to use. People never believe me when I say its easy peasy, so here we go. A picture tutorial on how to make pretty chocolate covered Oreos.

First thing first, decisions decisions. Which new chocolate transfer should I test out? Was excited like a kid in a sweet shop. Our shop now stocks 15 different designs upon your kind request 🙂

Baked By Me Chocolate Transfers

Chocolate transfer sheets are sheets of acetate with cocoa butter printed onto them. They make desserts look very very professional and they are not tedious to use. Promise! Simply pour melted chocolate onto the chocolate transfer sheet and allow to cool before peeling away to reveal a high gloss finish to the now decorated chocolate which you can cut to shape. Alternatively, if you are making chocolates in our fabulous moulds, the transfer sheets can be cut to size and placed on top.

Anyways, I wanted to have pretty patterned chocolate Oreos 🙂 Went with Aztec print and the hearts one.

1) Cut circles out of the Chocolate Transfer Sheet. I traced the mould on the sheet (not on the rough side) The rough side with the design is the side you will be using and we do not want inedible pen marks on that.

Chocolate Transfer Sheet

2) Place the circles (rough side up) inside the Chocolate Oreos mould.

Chocolate Transfers in Chocolate Oreos mould

3) Melt your chocolate. I just used the microwave. Short blast and then stir.

Pour a thin layer of melted chocolate into each mould cavity to completely cover the chocolate transfer sheet. These sheets have a thin layer of cocoa butter on them in a pattern. When you add the warm chocolate it melts the cocoa butter and leaves the pattern on the chocolate when it sets. Smart huh? I have always been in awe of them.

Using the Chocolate Oreo mould

4) Top with an Oreo. Be gentle as we don’t want to smudge the chocolate transfer sheet below. It is also best to wait until the first layer of chocolate sets (Shhh, am not very patient)

Chocolate Oreo Mould

Chocolate Oreo Mould

5) Cover the rest of the mould with more melted chocolate. Tap mould gently on your work surface to get rid of any air bubbles.

Chocolate Covered Oreos - The Making

Making of chocolate covered Oreos

6) The wait. I shoved the tray in the fridge and then grabbed a plum to ‘lick’ off the rest of the chocolate. Shucks, should not have revealed that.

Chocolate plum





The wait is over! 🙂 Time to unmould the Oreos!

Chocolate Coated Oreos

Chocolate Transfers Chocolate Oreos

Heart prints Chocolate Covered Oreo

7) Don’t forget to peel off the chocolate transfer sheets 🙂 It was a very warm day and not fab for handling the chocolates. Had to be very quick.

Chocolate Transfers Aztec Print

Was well pleased though! Loving the Aztec and heart prints. Too gorgeous to eat! (not really) When the Mr saw them, he gobbled them up without thinking twice.

Chocolate Covered Oreos Aztec Print

Chocolate Covered Oreos with transfers

Chocolate Covered Oreos with chocolate transfer sheets

Chocolate Covered Oreos Aztec Print

They were super lush with a cup of tea. Am not a huge huge fan of Oreos BUT Chocolate Covered Oreos, different story altogether.

The combination is delicious and they look very pretty! Perfect for afternoon tea or a dessert table 🙂

You can grab your Chocolate Covered Oreos mould from HERE and have a sneaky peek at the chocolate transfers HERE. Hope you enjoyed the post. xx

Chocolate with Caramel Centres

We have a fabulous new mould that is great for any occasion! I am already thinking FESTIVE ( *coughs* Christmas) but its way too early in August for that. Have you seen our gift shaped moulds?

Gift MouldParcel Mould

We mentioned on our website that they will be perfect for chocolates with fillings and … guess what? We had a lovely talented customer, Jennifer Thomas send us a picture of her lovely makes. Her gift and magic stars chocolate were oozing with caramel. How very lush! Such a professional finish too 🙂

Magic Stars, Gift Shaped Chocolates by Jennifer Thomas

Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Oh yes, we have the magic stars mould HERE.

Magic Stars Mould

Goodnight everyone 🙂

THE Wedding Cake! – Part 2

So much love for our first wedding cake post. We had so many people checking out the post that my little blog had the most ever ‘views’ on that day. If you have not seen the first part, you can read it here. Thank you everyone xx

This post will be filled with pictures just because no one would want me to describe the cake details when you can ogle at the pictures and the fine work done by The Designer Cake Company.

Here we go, will start with:

Cake specification

Two tier white ruffle and peony wedding cake

6” & 8” tiers to feed approximately 50


6” – lemon sponge filled with lemon buttercream and lemon curd and covered in white chocolate


8” – vanilla sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry conserve and covered in white

chocolate ganache



Both tiers iced in white with white fondant ruffles and a pale pink peony as per image provided

Design to include fondant buttons (mould by Baked By Me) Have a peek HERE.

Cake to sit on round cake board decorated to match theme and trimmed with ribbon


Delivery to The Cellar Door in Durham on Monday 8th July 2013


Image by the talented Cake Maker : The Designer Cake Company

Ruffle Peony Wedding Cake

The rest of the pictures, sourced from our photographers and kind family guests 🙂

Close up Ruffle Peony Cake  Ruffle Peony Wedding Cake

Back of Ruffle Peony Cake, Button Detail

Wedding Cake at Cellar Door

Ruffle Peony Wedding Cake

Our Wedding Cake

and last but not least a picture of us?

Happy couple with ruffle wedding cake

Am still in love with our wedding cake, thank you very much The Designer Cake Company for making it exactly the way I? wanted it to be. Hehe, the Mr just left me to it. Understand it was quite challenging to bring the cake in safely to The Cellar Door through the steep cobbled streets of Durham town centre and it was a scorcher of a day too.

Would love to ‘document’ and share more of our wedding day with you, so do leave a comment if you like posts like these. Was pretty much a DIY wedding reception in the evening and an intimate ceremony in the afternoon at Jesmond Dene.



New Baking Mould – Fingers Mould

You must take a peek at THIS:

Our new Finger mould.

Finger Mould

Finger Mould

Our 6 cell Fingers Mould is just way too cool. There are so many things I want to try out, oh so versatile! Makes 6 life size very realistic cookie or chocolate fingers.

Would love to stick ‘fingers’ in pies, cakes, cupcakes. Can imagine them in a Sweeney Todd themed party too.

Overall mould size measures approximately 260mm x 125mm.
Mould makes chocolates about 77mm high x 23mm in width, 20mm deep.

These are made from 100% food grade silicone. They are suitable for use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer from -60deg C to +260deg C

Although this mould was designed for use with chocolate, it can be used with many other materials such as hard / boiled candy, soap, resin, wax, ice, concrete and other mediums.

They are available HERE for £4.50. Flat rate UK delivery at £2.99. We also delivery worldwide, message us your order and price is dependent on weight, usually £3.50 for Europe and £4.50 worldwide for up to 2 moulds.



The Wedding Cake – Part 1

Hello everyone! How I have missed you, yes I am now Mrs Baked By Me and am thrilled to bits. Will write a little post about the all-important wedding cake.

So many options, so little time! How did you go about choosing THE cake? Everything is gorgeous. I was pretty decisive on cake though to be fair. I wanted a romantic cake which had a rustic feel to it for our outdoor evening reception. A relatively small cake to feed 50 people.

Here’s some of my inspiration for cakes which I found whilst browsing on Pinterest. Scroll down and have a peek at the ‘naked cake’, was actually very keen for a cake similar to that although did not want to risk the cake being soggy as it does not sit well. Birdcage cake was also high on the list. Just so very intricate and will definitely WOW.

Wedding Cake Vintage

Mint Green Ruffle cake

Naked Cake


Rustic cakes inspirationDecided on a ruffled cake!

I did not want to add extra stress to the big day by making my own cake and knew I had to get a very talented cake maker as did not want to be let down on the day. Yes, please do your research as have heard nightmare stories. The cake maker must also be very good at gumpaste flowers as I wanted a Peony on the cake just like the ‘inspiration’ picture below.

Gumpaste peony

Also wanted to include a part of ‘Baked By Me’ as part of the design! Settled on our adorable button mould. Design to include fondant buttons 🙂 Yay!

Button Mould

As I was very rushed for time, it was challenging to get a cake maker who had a time slot for me. The engagement was only 3 months!

I wanted Isabelle of The Designer Cake Company to make my cake. Had a browse on her Facebook page and fell in love with her cakes.

This is one of her gorgeous makes:

Designer Cake Company

Just beautiful. I knew her cakes will never disappoint in terms of taste as well as design. Time to beg! As I was very last minute, she had to say No as her schedule was already packed. After a few tweets from us, we actually managed to get Isabelle to say YES!

Woohoo 🙂 Next post will include OUR wedding cake by The Designer Cake Company.

Stay tuned