Inspiration moulds from The Great British Bake Off – Week 3

Bake Off Series 4 Episode 3. Desserts week! Lots and lots of  crème anglaise. Trifle, floating islands (snow eggs) and my favourite petit fours.

Was well upset for Deborah when her mini cakes did not pop out of the mould for the showstopper challenge. She did not lightly grease and flour her silicone mould. They always work like a gem for us. This week was not her week at all. I must add it was pretty hilarious when she nicked Howard’s custard.

Very much enjoyed the Showstopper Challenge, and have decided to blog about some moulds that we have that will be very helpful for your showstopper bakes at home. Who was your favourite? I do love Beca’s mini macarons and Frances cake presentation.

Macarons always make quite a few appearances on the Bake Off and loads in this episode. Have you seen our macaron mat? They are so very helpful.

This is a picture provided by The Pantry Door when she used our mats 🙂

Macaron Mat In Use

Our Seashells mould. Make seashell chocolates just like Ruby!
Seashell MouldOur half sphere moulds have been very popular yet again. They kept selling out last season, when they made Paul Hollywood’s Chocolate Teacakes as a technical challenge. I have such a bad memory, but someone definitely used the small sphere moulds to make their petit fours. A guy. Am sure the name will pop up soon. These moulds are just brilliant for chocolate truffles or spherical cakes.
Half sphere moulds
Chocolate transfers. Spotted them quite a few times already! They make all desserts look super professional. Best part is that they are very easy to use too.
Baked By Me Chocolate Transfers
Chocolate Transfers in Use Aztec Print
We might also give our Gift, Diamond and Union Jack mould a run for their money. Showstoppers in their own right and just the right size.
Gift Mould
Diamond Mould
Union Jack Mould
Sleep well everyone and sure hope you had your share of trifle, chocolate or cake when you were watching the show. Never fail to get the munchies.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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