Chocolate pumpkins for Halloween!

Have you seen orange coloured chocolate? These gorgeous chocs are even orange flavoured! They are Callebaut Belgian Orange Chocolate and they are just perfect for making Halloween goodies especially orange PUMPKINS! We have just introduced them in 450g bags on our website alongside our Halloween themed moulds. You must have a cheeky browse if you have not seen them already. Spiders, pumpkins, bones, witches hat, coffins, eyeballs, brains, fingers, dentures. You name it!

Belgian Orange Chocolate


New goodies to play with! Woohoo! 🙂 We have 3 different pumpkin moulds available on our website now.

Range of pumpkin moulds for Halloween

Small Pumpkin Mould

Pumpkin mould for Halloween

Large pumpkin mould for Halloween

Melted the Belgium Orange Chocolate in the microwave and if you notice the black dot on the Large pumpkin mould, I added a drop of milk chocolate in Mr Pumpkin’s nose.

Melted Orange Choc and Pumpkin Mould

Our moulds are very easy to use. Pour in melted chocolate, tap on your work surface to release air bubbles. Allow to set. We just place ours in the fridge and they turn out great!

Pumpkin mould in use

Single small pumpkin mould:

Small Pumpkin mould

Large pumpkin mould, had to be extremely careful to get these pictures as just poured in chocolate and it was far from set!

Large Pumpkin Mould with Belgian Orange Chocolate

Allow your chocolate to set. They pop out easily from the mould 🙂

Showing off our pumpkin family. Enjoy!

Orange Chocolate Pumpkins

Chocolate Orange Pumpkin Family

Oh yes, we do love our edible writing icing pens. You can get them from Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s. They even have store brand ones now. Lots of fun especially with our moulds. We drew on faces for the pumpkins.

Chocolate pumpkin and edible writing icing pens

Chocolate pumpkins

You can have a peek HERE for the full range of Halloween goodies. Have fun and do give me a shout anytime if you need any help. Hope you like our chocolate pumpkins xx















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