Free Delivery day

Spread the news! Did you know we have FREE delivery today on all orders above £22! Hurry, don’t miss out. Showing off a few of our product range :

Check out our selection of sugarpaste moulds! Very popular for the avid cake baker and they are £5.99 each HERE. Great value for money, if you don’t believe me. Have a peek at other sugarpaste moulds online.

Range of Sugarpaste Push Moulds

Range of Chocolate Transfer Sheets. There are multibuy discounts available too.

Range of Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Range of our Halloween chocolates made from very cool moulds. We have a huge range on HERE from adorable pumpkins, friendly ghosts to gory fingers, spiders, bones, eyeballs brains, coffins and skulls.

Halloween Chocolate made from cool moulds

Sphere moulds, great for attempting Paul Hollywoods Bake Off Chocolate Teacakes, spherical cakes (think Bauble cakes for the festive season) , cake pops, mini round cakes, canapes and more.

Half sphere moulds

Did you know that we have an ‘animal’ bakeware category now? Animals have always been a hit as you get dog lovers, cat lovers, little one who is obsessed about dinosaurs, horses .. you name it! Browse around HERE.

Cat and kittens mould

….and last but not least, we just have to show off our Cookie Mixes. They are gorgeously packaged and they taste divine. Great for gifts. Their best before dates are all 2014 now. Not too early to order them as gifts for the festive season.

Baked By Me Cookie Mix Jars and Bags

Have fun looking around our website and do take advantage of our Free Delivery offer today. x





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