Feeling festive yet?

Red Cola Truck. John Lewis Ad! Aaaaah, holidays are coming 😉 Not sure why but I always feel very festive when it starts getting cold.

We are still very busy packing up lots of presents, cookie mixes and moulds to be posted! All worth it especially when lovely customers share pictures of their makes with us and they are just WONDERFUL!

First up, a CHOCOLATE house made with our brand new gingerbread / chocolate house mould.

Chocolate gingerbread house by Sarah Tuohy with Baked By Me's mould Amazing isn’t it? They are made by a lovely customer, Sarah Tuohy. She also mentioned “Have to add this is the first mould I’ve done and was so simple with this even if the door is in fact in 2 pieces had a slight accident ”

Bet no one will look twice at the door! Her only problem is eating the chocolate house 😀 You can try making them too with our moulds 🙂 Ps. they are also oven safe so you can bake gingerbread in them!

Gingerbread House Mould

Next up,

Drummer Boy / Tin Soldier Chocolate by Carlie Smallbone

Camouflage chocolate soldier made with our mould by Carlie Smallbone! Super thoughtful, she is making them for her friend’s son as he is going into the army. Our drummer boy / tin soldier have been very popular this festive season!

Here’s another little chocolate soldier made by Amy Bugg with our mould. Shhh, he had a little accident.

Drummer Boy by Amy Bugg with Baked By Me's mould

We have a brand new OWL mould and we had to restock quite a few times already! So many owl lovers. They are very very very adorable though. Look!

Chocolate owls made with our mould by Gillie Childs who also run a lovely page on Facebook called The Chocolate Ear. You can buy ready made goodies from her.

Chocolate Owls by The Chocolate Ear with Baked By Me's moulds

Chocolate Owls by The Chocolate Ear. Moulds by Baked By Me

We have more pictures to share! Till next time 🙂 Have a fab week ahead!





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