Big wave hello!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, we have just been looking into new goodies for you, making lots of cookie mixes and sending out your orders. I really do enjoy taking pictures of food  and interesting things I have been up to, I should really take the time to just spend 10 minutes and update the blog 😀

Some of our orders posted out. Enjoy!

Our cake bar mould (the orange one) has been very very popular ever since we shared a homemade Crunchie bar pic made by our talented customer Kirsty Giblin on our FB and Twitter page. Have a look!imageHere it is, Kirsty’s wonderful homemade Crunchie bar made with our cake bar mould.

Our lush cookie mixes 🙂 They all come with easy baking instructions and they do make lovely gifts.imageWe are better prepared for Easter this time around and have been making lots of our Mini Eggs jars 🙂
imageNew rabbit, spring themed moulds are also proving popular! Yay, happy dance time.


imageHope you had a lovely weekend xxx

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