Wollaton Hall, Batman’s Crib

Managed to sneak in a visit to Wollaton Hall when family came for a visit last weekend. I have just been calling it Batman’s Home as The Dark Knight Rises was filmed there.

Wollaton Hall

Got to love my husband’s parents. We walked ahead of them and when we looked back, they were taking pictures of each other. Too adorable.

Grounds of Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall Nottingham

It was a very chilly windy winter’s day. We walked around for a bit and decided to go to The Wollaton Pub & Kitchen. I have made a mental note to go back to the Deer Park at Wollaton Hall during summer.

We really enjoyed the food at Wollaton Pub and kudos to their fresh juices too. It was full house and service was friendly.


Seabass Wollaton Pub KitchenLove their chip buckets!

Chips BucketSalmon.

Salmon - Wollaton Pub Kitchen

We were too full to try desserts but I would love to go back to Wollaton Pub Kitchen! A brilliant day well spend with loved ones 🙂

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