Of Social Media and Steak at Beefeater

Yes, I eat out and order takeaway quite a bit and no, I do not write about all of them as its not paid for by the establishment. If its good, of course I would like to share as when I just moved to Nottingham, some of our lovely Twitter and Facebook friends actually messaged me a whole list of places to eat and drink. I also know lots of you that just can’t help but enjoy looking at pictures of food. Haha!

When you get acknowledgement or a little thank you. You feel like doing something more for them. It is nice that they take the time to reply or they have a good social media team.

Just received a lovely thank you note from The Bishop Langley from an old post about a meal there.

Bishop Langley reply

Have you ever tweeted Just Eat? You don’t even have to tweet them, they will still reply. Even if you send them an angry tweet about late delivery, they are quite hilarious and helpful .

Just Eat reply

Here’s another from Just Eat.

Just Eat tweet

I manage our social media platforms for Baked By Me and we try and reply as quickly as we can 🙂 Got to say it, we do love sharing our chocolatey goodies with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our blog as well as Pin on Pinterest.

Back to ‘replies’, the husband and I had an unplanned meal out yesterday after doing groceries. We were suppose to stock up our fridge and then cook a meal but we succumbed to steaks at Beefeater. I never thought I would write a foodie post about Beefeater as we tend to just drop by and enjoy a meal without giving it much thought. Ho and behold, we got a reply from them… so here goes…

Beefeater tweet

This was recommended to us by our lovely waitress. We had no clue what we ordered as we thought she mentioned garlic  bread to start and we just said yes. It was LOVELY. New to the menu, its called Tear and Share. Lovely flatbread with a balsamic dipping sauce. You must try.


When you are at the Beefeater, of course… one must order….image


Hope you did not drool too much.

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