Homecooked meal that deserves a blog post on its own.

I have just moved to a little market town for a few months and initially I was really dreading it as yes … I like busy bustling cities which are filled to the brim with lots of clothes shops and Mothercare. Maybe I am just that sort of person who is just generally happy but I have to say it is really rather enjoyable or I am just ‘nesting’ haha. There are not many nice eateries here therefore I am extra diligent in cooking homecooked meals for the husband and I. The markets and fresh produce here are just amazing and oh so cheap (competitively priced).


There is lots on offer and every bowl is a quid. Brilliant! We have stopped going to the supermarkets for fruit and veg.




Its not only the food. Amazing flowers and pet accessories too. I would love to learn how to do floral arrangements but I need a vase to start. Haha!



Yesterday was market day. I came back with a fillet of haddock, some scallops from the trusty market fishmonger. He is my ‘friend’ now. I specifically bought a huge piece of steak for the husband and a variety of fruits and veg.


I bought 6 passionfruits too and I was totally clueless on how you ‘pick’ them. They will hopefully be made into cookies or a cheesecake *fingers crossed*

Anyways, the point of the post is to share what I whipped up yesterday! Its true..the secret to great food is just fresh ingredients.

Presenting ….


The husbands mighty rump steak served with new potatoes, grilled tomatoes on vine and topped with scallops seared in a garlic butter sauce.


I wanted fish.


Fillet of haddock in a slightly vinaigrette sauce served with the same potatoes, tomatoes and a scallop. I included fresh coriander for good measure too.

Hope you enjoyed the post. I need to get back to packing your orders. Since we shared this gorgeous penguin and reindeer chocs made by our lovely customer Carlie Smallbone with our moulds, lots of them were ordered yesterday 🙂

Till the next post .. have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

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