Tea is more than just a drink.

Insert tea quotes : Haha!

  • A brew will see you through the day.
  • A cup of tea makes everything better.
  • Happiness is a cup of tea


White Rabbit Tea Room Nottingham

Tea is just too enjoyable for me especially when it’s proper afternoon tea (yes think cakes, chocolates and cookies). The whole works. ‘I like tea’ is clearly an understatement. Nowadays, tea gives me much needed sanity, the strength to endure growth spurts, crankiness and teething. One of my favourite cup of tea is the last one in the evening when bubba is asleep. Bliss!

Yes, I tend to stock up on my favourite English Breakfast, Earl Grey, you name it.

It would be a teeny bit selfish not to share … have you window shopped on Twinnings? Its fab and they have special free delivery till tomorrow and its for all orders over a tenner. It was my first time browsing the Twinnings website and boy oh boy, there were loads to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised to find teaware as well as confectionery on there too! It was too easy building my basket up to £10 and all I wanted to do was stock up on simple lush teabags 🙂

Ps. hurry, offer ends tomorrow x


Moments like this are precious. We are pretty much a ‘snap-happy’ family with Freya. I am not looking forward to the day where she will find me rather annoying and look away when she spots my camera. (Please love my camera, pretty please)Candlelight dinner with daddyHere’s some breadstick for you, mummy! She is obsessed with them and pretends to share them with me.

Freya and mummy

Little family

It’s a feat trying to get her to look … and when she does ..

and another

.. the picture is slightly blurry! Oh well 🙂 We really enjoy taking her out for meals as she is such a joy at mealtimes because she truly LOVES the highchair and people. She turns into a super sociable bubba, staring at strangers, waving at them, enjoying her snacks and a pouch of baby food. Thank goodness, as we do love eating out and I cannot imagine that happening if she is very difficult.

It was our first time in Carluccio’s Nottingham. Ambience was great and it was not very packed considering we went on a Saturday evening.  Service was lovely, they even offered Freya breadsticks.

To start, I had Sardine Carpione. Grilled sardines topped with a mix of pine nuts, carrots, onions, raisins and bay leaves in a sweet and sour marinade on a bed of rocket. They excluded the nuts mix for me as little one is allergic to nuts.

Sardine Carpione at Carluccios

As much as I love rocket and fish in general, I struggled with this dish. Lots of fine bones everywhere and it was quite tough to just swallow them. Definitely not a dish to opt for when you are out on a first date or something.

Mains: Pasta Ala Puttanesca. Pasta with a spicy sauce of tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovy.

Pasta Alla Puttanesca

Al dente. Check! You can’t really go wrong with a simple dish like this especially since I am a huge fan of olives and anchovies. It was not very memorable though, delicious but not superb.

We did not feel like desserts and opted for coffees instead. Coffee and cuddles for daddy!

Cuppa time

Pretty challenging to capture the both of them as Freya is such a wriggly worm planning and trying to execute her escape.


Outtake 2

Daddy cuddles

Gingerbreadman Lollipop

Gingerbreadman gingerbread house mould

Unfortunate place for the stick. 😂🙈  I swear it did not cross my mind till someone commented on our Facebook page. To be fair, where are we going to place the stick? Haha! Although someone did mention that it might be perfect just like that for a hen do. Yikes.

Ps. the only reason why we are talking about this very festive mould is because we have been sending out quite a few festive orders. If you have that .. ALREADY?! look in your head and on your face. I know, I know … there is some folks out there who is just very organised. Admirable!

Animals at Stonebridge City Farm

Boy oh boy. It’s the weekend and we have glorious weather! Hello sunshine 🙂 Freya is about to turn 9 months, old enough to coo and stare at animals but not very appreciative of them yet. Therefore, we cannot justify paying an entrance fee to visit farms or amusement parks just yet. There’s a farm right in Nottingham city centre which we enjoy going from time to time. Free to enter and open every day.

There’s piggies, often found rolling about in the mud.

Piggy spotted at Stonebridge City Farm

Piggy Chocolate Mould

A slow tortoise.


Chicken, ducks and turkey!

Cluck and quack

Thought I would share matching animal moulds from Baked By Me 🙂

Duck Mould

Hen Mould

Hello Goats!

Hello Goat!

Freya and the goats

Moo! I love them, they were so friendly.

Moo Moo!

and a matching chocolate cow.

Cow Silicone Mould

If I am not mistaken, this is the curly haired Angora sheep.

Angora Sheep

Baa baa sheep

Sheep Chocolate Mould

We-fie time!
Mummy Freya wefie

Bubble Wrap Inspired Chocolates

Bubble wrap. Are you one for popping one bubble, and then the other and the other until they aren’t any left? Guilty as charged. Its just very satisfying. Let me share this cool baking mould which has a bubble wrap effect design on it. I really need to try make shortbread in them or something as they are oven safe too. Its available as a medium 4 bar or large 3 bar mould.

Bubble Wrap Effect Chocolate Mould

Bubble Design Chocolate MouldIn milk, dark and white chocolate 🙂 Sharing one made by our lovely customer, these are made by Truffolicious. If you click on the image below, it will bring you to their FB page.

Bubble Wrap Chocolates made by Truffolicious

Lamaze Mittens the Kittens

I ordered a selection of toys before bubba was born and Lamaze Mittens the Kitten has been nothing but fantastic. There is no denying that Lamaze makes brilliant high quality toys. ‘Made with love to inspire discovery’.

Personally, I am not a fan of soft toys due to the dust they collect BUT this kitty … we have shoved in the washing machine countless times and it has survived (till today anyways).

Its rather special when a child has a toy since birth 🙂 Yes, I am sentimental like that. Haha! Mittens is of a good size, makes a rattle noise, has quite a number of different patterns and textures on it.

Initially, she would just watch it all the time. The bright colours and textures are fab even though newborns just don’t do that much! Oh and that crinkly sound from the cats ears ..  she loves that.

2 weeks old with Mittens

Mittens the Kittens

Hello Mittens!

Smitten with Mittens

Chubby chops

Chew chew chew

Let’s share 😀 Freya’s 2 year old cousin took a fancy towards Mittens too.



Nowadays, she loves to suck the kitties tail, tug at the whiskers, investigate the beads on the teether and bash poor Mittens.

Oh well, its better traumatising Mittens the kittens rather than my 2 very real fur babies.


Ps. its time to hunt for another Lamaze buddy. We have dropped this many times on the go and thankfully Mittens has always been safely retrieved. God forbid, we lose this kitty one day.

Decisions decisions :

Captain Calamari

Rusty the Robot

or a rather girly Tilly Twinklewings

I tend to buy them from Amazon as they are usually very well priced especially when then are on offer but do have a cheeky browse on Kiddicare as well as The Entertainer.

Ps. you can save 1/3 on Lamaze goodies from Boots.com and there is a special baby event till the 15th of September! Yes yes, I love comparing before purchasing anything.

Chocolate Shoes to the rescue.

Shoes / High Heels MouldYou can’t buy happiness but you can buy SHOES or CHOCOLATE and that’s kind of the same thing. We have these combined 😉 We used strawberry chocolate for the pink bits. We have loads of enquiries about what chocolate is best. Any chocolate will work really, just go with your favourite or whatever that tickles your fancy at that moment. We melt ours in the microwave. We buy this brand of Belgium choc called Callebaut from Chocolate Trading Company. They taste heavenly and they look brilliant. They have really unique flavours like strawberry, honey, orange, lemon, cappucino and caramel! Melt and sets really well in our moulds without us tempering them properly.

Just for good measure, I have decided to share one of our handmade chocolate bars with choc bought from Chocolate Trading Company.

Homemade Chocolate Bars

Have a lovely evening! Enjoy xxx

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