Mummy Iris

Whooosh! Here’s me dusting off the dust and cobwebs. Lots have happened since I have last updated (nearly a year ago). Time is just flying by with the online business, baby milestones, eating and sleeping (!).

I got married, enjoyed being preggers and in November 2014, we welcomed baby Freya into our little family. I absolutely LOVE being a mummy and life is even more precious and meaningful.

I am not sure whether you have noticed but the blog is now BakedByMummyIris. If you follow me on Instagram, you might be sick of my #babyspam. Preferably, I hope to make time to document some recipes, random cat adventures, life as a young mum and the baby.

Here’s some photos of our newest family member taken in the hospital by Bounty on Day 2 before we went home. How many of you went for this Bounty portrait session? The business takes advantage of very proud and hormonal parents like myself and my husband. They come into the room nonchalantly and then very nicely ask you whether you would like pictures of your newborn. Who says no? (Not me!) We had a little NHS discount as the husband works for them. It is still rather pricey but I would still say yes the next time around. Freya does not look anything like that now, such a shame that they only stay small for too short of a time although I have to add that an 8 month old is full of fun!

Freya Iman

Little fingers

Freya Iman

Mummy & Freya


Baby Feet

Blessed, content and oh so very thankful. I am trying to organise my ‘blog head’ but I quite fancy jotting down some memories about the birth, coping with a new baby, her full moon celebration when she was a month’s old, her horrendous eczema and the little milestones we cherish.

Stay tuned and sorry for the long hiatus xxx

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