The greatest gift – ‘Fatherhood’

“Woah, you don’t know what is coming or you don’t know what you have let yourself into” or that knowing look. Common.

Yes, life changes instantly but in such a perfect way that my husband and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The look on his face when ‘nameless’ bubba (at that point) arrived was priceless! He was utterly taken by Freya from the moment she announced her arrival into the world.

I want to remember this moment forever ..

Fatherhood.. where everything stood still and I just stared at my 2 ‘babies’. Daddy was exhausted after tending to the newborns’ every whim. We were lucky enough to get a private room with the NHS since the Mr works for them but sleeping on the little chair is just not very comfortable. 😀

We were clueless first-time parents and we had so much to learn. I was totally out of it that night as I just couldn’t close my eyes in the afternoon. I was still in disbelief staring at the little one! Its mad how she was in my belly and a proper baby in a matter of hours. Anyways, that led to an interesting night with the Mr rocking the baby and walking round the room. Alas, he woke me up and said ‘Sorry, I think she is very hungry’. Haha!

Ps. I need to add that he is just such a natural daddy. It’s as if he was born to do this! I was very hesitant to change diapers, hold her very much or demonstrate to the nurses how to bathe her when they gave us pointers. I was just so worried I would hurt her, she was really quite wee! I just left it to him since he was very good at it. Thank goodness!

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