One for the baking fan! GBBO fever :D

Kitchen Stand Mould

Baking Mixer

Introducing our new and very popular kitchen stand mixer mould. Perfect with the GBBO on our tellies currently. Truth to be told, I have not really baked of the late but chocolate making with the Bake Off on catch up.. that I can do 😉

Kitchenaid style chocolates

The mould is very easy to use. Pipe your chocolate in or just fill the cavity with a teaspoon! Allow to set slightly and top up with another ‘colour’. Pop them out when they have set completely. They do come out with great ease. The silicone mould is oven safe too if you would like to make shortbread in them.

Special ones in conjunction with The Great British Bake Off …

Star baker

Star Baker!

Homemade chocolates

These moulds make great presents as they are not too pricey at £4.50. Its flat rate UK delivery £2.99 no matter how much you buy or take advantage of free UK delivery on orders over £25. Shop HERE. We post worldwide and shipping is less than a fiver for about 2 moulds. Email me, if you would like more information.

Take care xxx

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