Bringing baby home from the hospital!

We stayed a night in the hospital and we couldn’t wait to bring baby home! During the prenatal classes, they recommended that we take advantage and stay a few nights to get as much rest and help as possible BUT nothing beats the comfort of your own home. We were itching to get back and we took Freya back on Day 2. I was really lucky as I had my mum and aunt to ‘pamper’ us. Yes, my husband included since he gets fed properly.

I planned to look ‘nice’. Hospital bag included lipstick and a maternity dress (ps. tummy doesn’t shrink instantly). Don’t judge my priorities. The husband was in charge of the all-important car seat and Isofix. We wanted to save and not go for the Isofix but the thought of struggling with the seatbelt during winter made us change our minds. Advice : definitely get the Isofix! We bought Britax ISOFIX Infant Carrier Base which was compatible with our carseat.

Day 2 in the hospital

My precious


We were deciding between the Britax Baby-Safe

or the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix.

We decided on the Britax as we purchased the Britax Affinity Base Model (Black). The Britax car seat just clicks on to the pram which is very convenient. Oh yes, I want to add that we did not plan on getting a carrycot as you only use it for a few months but after fussing about with straps and dealing with chilly winds we quickly ordered

THIS! Super convenient as there is no need to strap the baby in. Just place baby in there and she sleeps whilst you push her around. Shields her from the harsh weather too 🙂

Anyways …

we dressed her in an oh so adorable sheep fleece onesie and strapped her in! Time to go home bubba.

Bless, little lamb in her carseat

Going home!

Going home with the little bubba!

Lipstick, dress and new haircut did wonders. Phew! All this dressing up … and it was a 5 minutes car journey home. The husband was baffled.

I need to add : 8 months down the line, even though we have purchased a lighter stroller, we religiously use our Britax Affinity and the car seat & Isofix is still in use. LOVE our carseat and pram especially since Freya is really comfortable in it. Prams are just so expensive, you need to find one that you enjoy using and I will always highly recommend the Britax. Do look around for the best prices. Many places do price match anyways. We ‘test drove’ in the shops before finally making a decision 4 weeks before the due date.

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  1. Malaika
    Aug 19, 2015 @ 18:36:01

    Congratulations! Your baby is so adorable! 🙂


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