Fully fed. Now, please play nice.

Venturing outside for the first time after giving birth is nerve-wrecking yet so very exciting! Perhaps, everything is special and exciting when its your first child. The Mr and I decided to ‘officially’ take the little one out randomly when she was 2 weeks old.

I was ‘healing’ at home and not really up for going out before that. After 2 weeks, I just HAD to get some crisp wintry December air and perhaps a nice cup of hot chocolate outside. We did just that, with lots of photos in between 🙂

Winter hats!

Fully fed and placed in her Britax Affinity Carrycot (Chili Pepper). The pram, Britax Affinity Base Model (Black) includes a newborn inlay so you don’t actually need to buy a carrycot. However, it is one of the best decisions as it is a nicer option if you can afford one. More snug for winter and no hassle playing about with straps.

Now, pray don’t wail mid journey. It was only a short walk but boy we were slightly worried.

Freya in her Britax Carrycot

We made it! Little stroll around baby clothes and Freya is happily snoozing.

Little walk

We were more relaxed at this point and decided to meet our next objective. Hot chocolate and food.

Our new little family

3 generationsMum was actually doing groceries at that point but I insisted she dropped by in order for me to get a ‘3 generations’ picture on our first trip out! The things she puts up with … (thanks mum, haha!)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mommyslittleprincesses
    Aug 20, 2015 @ 11:11:23

    Beautiful pictures hon. I remember our first few trips out when Ella was first born and how we always some how managed to forget her bottles. Shocking I know and boy did we feel like bad parents. Xx


  2. Rhonda Sittig
    Aug 20, 2015 @ 18:10:56

    Being a mother is the best– even big hurdles like your first day out! (We have 4 grown children and 5 grand-kids– more people to love.)


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