Lamaze Mittens the Kittens

I ordered a selection of toys before bubba was born and Lamaze Mittens the Kitten has been nothing but fantastic. There is no denying that Lamaze makes brilliant high quality toys. ‘Made with love to inspire discovery’.

Personally, I am not a fan of soft toys due to the dust they collect BUT this kitty … we have shoved in the washing machine countless times and it has survived (till today anyways).

Its rather special when a child has a toy since birth 🙂 Yes, I am sentimental like that. Haha! Mittens is of a good size, makes a rattle noise, has quite a number of different patterns and textures on it.

Initially, she would just watch it all the time. The bright colours and textures are fab even though newborns just don’t do that much! Oh and that crinkly sound from the cats ears ..  she loves that.

2 weeks old with Mittens

Mittens the Kittens

Hello Mittens!

Smitten with Mittens

Chubby chops

Chew chew chew

Let’s share 😀 Freya’s 2 year old cousin took a fancy towards Mittens too.



Nowadays, she loves to suck the kitties tail, tug at the whiskers, investigate the beads on the teether and bash poor Mittens.

Oh well, its better traumatising Mittens the kittens rather than my 2 very real fur babies.


Ps. its time to hunt for another Lamaze buddy. We have dropped this many times on the go and thankfully Mittens has always been safely retrieved. God forbid, we lose this kitty one day.

Decisions decisions :

Captain Calamari

Rusty the Robot

or a rather girly Tilly Twinklewings

I tend to buy them from Amazon as they are usually very well priced especially when then are on offer but do have a cheeky browse on Kiddicare as well as The Entertainer.

Ps. you can save 1/3 on Lamaze goodies from and there is a special baby event till the 15th of September! Yes yes, I love comparing before purchasing anything.

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