First Snow for Bubba

I transformed into a little child last night when snow started falling beautifully from the skies. Come on snow, settle.. thicker.. bigger flakes. One can hope πŸ™‚

I hopped outside with the other half to have a whiff of crisp snowy air at like 1am (nutter!) This will be little one’s first experience with snow and I was curious to see how she will react. She absolutely loved the sand on the beach where its nice and warm. Snow?

Fresh Snow

First snowfall

Snow experience

not so much.. for now. She was pretty unimpressed.


Spot her toys surrounding her. She was quite reluctant to get her fingers out and we failed to keep gloves or mittens on her as well.

Look darling, snow!

Look, little one

Cozy snowsuit

Daddy daughter snow time


Time to go in for more cuddles, a s.m.i.l.e at last.

A smile at last

Got to love a snowy day in.Β We have had copious amounts of tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

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