I enjoyed the best fish and chips ever in Cromer at this little place by the seafront, No1 Cromer.

We were not starving but feeling peckish, so my husband and I shared one. They split it for us in the kitchen and it smelt and looked so good when it arrived. After doing a bit of research, looks like the restaurant is a project by a celebrity Michelin Star Chef, Galton Blackiston and its also in the Top 5 of the National Fish and Chips Award 2016. (There’s a Fish and Chips Award? :D)



Cromer is beautiful. It was not summer, far from warm but very serene and too pretty.







A little peek into the town centre.



A little break in North Norfolk

Our own ‘Winter Warmer’ break, we randomly chose a location (the beautiful North Norfolk), browsed hotels and deals and just went for it! We stayed at The Links Country Park Hotel. We were pleasantly surprised in every aspect excluding their snail speed Wifi, which might have been for the best and their very very old lift. Functional though 🙂

From the outside, the place looked very traditional. When we got into the lift to go up to our room, my husband and I exchanged looks as it was so old. It was a different story when we arrived at our little room for the next 2 nights.



Look at the size of the room! Bubba was especially pleased with the spaciousness and she demonstrated her excitement well by crawling at super speed everywhere exploring every corner of the room. The ‘extra’ sitting room was perfect for when she went to bed. They even had 2 tellies so I could watch shows like Dance Moms that the Mr will never approve off. There was nothing to criticize about the room at all. They could have assigned us a normal double room, but they provided us a family room. What a great start to our holiday.



It was the first day of Chinese New Year and we definitely got off to a fun start. Dressed the little one in traditional Chinese garment gifted to us by kind friends from Macau. I cannot get over how adorable she looks in it with her cheeky grin.



They have a 9 hole golf course if you play.  There was a storm brewing outside with howling winds and we were more than happy to stay in and enjoy the hotel. The hotel deal included bed, breakfast, 3 course dinners and a free leisure pass. We decided on pool and hot bath before heading down for dinner.

wp-1455739193727.jpgThe happy chipmunk.



They had 3 courses for £20 and this was already included in the room. Brilliant! (Ps. we booked directly with the hotel and it was a total of £134 per room per night) I would definitely revisit.


Smoked salmon to start.


The staff was very accommodating and friendly, they cooked my fish separately and made it dairy and egg free in order for bubba to enjoy as well. It was brilliant as we were worried that she will not have much to eat when we were away without the luxury of a kitchen. Little one gobbled it up with no complaints 🙂




Chocolate mousse.


Rise and shine to SUNSHINE. A welcome change to the strong wind and rain the night before. The large windows were great and bubba kept going bird! bird! (new word alert). Pictures are not superb but I wanted to share the amazing light through the windows.



We explored Snettisham Park in Kings Lynn and then went into Cromer. Definitely deserves a post on its own. Wait for it although do be patient as this post is taking me ages to write up. (Excuse is, I have a toddler). It was such a great experience as it was lambing season.


Newborn lamb, 4 hours old.


We made full use of the facilities again when we got back to the hotel. *clears throat* I lazed about whilst daddy and baby enjoyed themselves. I was already looking forward to another 3 course dinner (Fatty alert)


Little one was not as cooperative this time around as she was exhausted! Tucked her in and we could enjoy desserts that we brought up to our room. Berry cheesecake & lemon tart paired with a hot cup of tea.


I would highly recommend The Links to anyone as I would definitely revisit. There’s loads to do there come summer. Most activities start at half term and we planned our trip before that to avoid the crowds. Little one is still a bit young for quite a few activities. If you drive, the location is convenient to travel around North Norfolk.

Lovely break, thank you husband for the impromptu holiday. Haha!

Back from holiday!



Hello Monday and its back to ‘normal life’. We had such a lovely time on holiday, we explored North Norfolk and stayed in Cromer which was beautiful. Lots of attractions and very family orientated. We dropped by Kings Lynn to visit the working farm at Snettisham Park. More pictures and stories to come.


Ps. I am not sure whether I am more rejuvenated or exhausted from all the activities we enjoyed with bubba.

Have a memorable and productive week ahead xxx



Tired mummy alert. Sometimes, we just need to soak in the beauty and breathe.

Have a restful weekend. xxx

Baby’s Deconstructed Chicken Noodle Soup and the Double Spoon Technique

What on earth is the Double Spoon Technique? I think I just made that up.

Phew, little one is back to enjoying food after a little food strike when she was not feeling fabulous after her first year vaccinations.


Deconstructed Chicken Noodle Soup

This is one of her favourite meals and it is so easy to make. Win win! Let’s call it deconstructed Chicken Noodle Soup. Boil a piece of chicken for an hour, add spaghetti and brocolli before serving. Voila! Served on the very handy OXO Tot Plate.

Compartment plates are the best. A plate is a plate but I love the curved rims of this one. Less mess, I promise.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Here you go, bubba. Wow, there is soup! “Come on baby, don’t tip it over”

I must have a feel.

Baby Led Weaning Ideas

Here we go, the ‘double spoon’ technique. While she feeds herself, I feed her too with another spoon. Haha! Lots of supervised baby led weaning for now.

Discovering cutlery



Open Wide

She feeds herself relatively well, thankfully. Her attempts with cutlery is adorable but not always successful.

Loves her green vegetables for now (long may it last).


Check me out mum 🙂

Self feeding

Finishing her little meal with half a nectarine. Mmmm!

Nectarine time

On a side note, I feel like purchasing the OXO Tot 4-Piece Feeding Set as its on offer currently. Oh, temptations 😛