Fun at the Fair

A very common question : Are you ever bored of taking pictures? I am the most annoying person (poor Husband) you can find if you dislike people who go ‘snap happy’. It can be something as mundane and monotonous as the same fried chicken I keep cooking BUT it must be ‘photographed’, not with the good camera all the time but a must with my phone! Don’t ask me why, my phone is constantly showing that Memory Full warning and even if it irks me .. I keep taking more and more pictures.

I don’t think I will ever tire of taking pictures with my camera because of THIS! Memories, happy fleeting memories that lasts a lifetime on film. Even Facebook reminds us of how time flies by. My once very chubby little girl has now lost all her baby fat and definitely has a mind of her own when it comes to climbing stairs and running out of rooms and running away from us, oblivious to all the ‘danger’ around her.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 15.40.15

Memories from a year ago

Anyways, I wanted to share more recent pics of another family adventure. We are very lucky to be able to enjoy quite a bit of quality family time together and I get to do what I love, snapping pictures 🙂 I never really take pictures with the proper camera if its just me and her. That would prove very very challenging with her running up a storm. Although .. even with my other half around to navigate the little missy, I managed to bump her head with the camera hanging around my neck. Whoops! He gave me a long hard scowl but really, she did not cry for more than a minute.

We just had the loveliest Easter weekend after what seems like a very long winter, it feels like Spring is finally here and looks like it is here to stay but you never really know with the wonderful British weather. With all the sunshine and hopes of being outdoors more often, there’s a naggy voice at the back of my head that the garden is need of a good scrub but that is for another day eh.

We didn’t waste any time and ‘got out’ when the sun was shining!



This is the beautiful Abbey Park in Leicester through which the River Soar flows. Everything a park has to offer, well maintained with lots of ducks (huge favourite with the little one) and a boating lake.



and … when we went, there was an ongoing Easter Fun Fair. Parking was a nightmare but other than that, it was lovely. The fair itself was not very big and not much to do just yet for a 16 month old but perfect for a mini day out.

A little someone had the time of her life running everywhere whilst daddy had the all important task to trail after her. Not an easy task. She is quite good at holding on to our hands but I am still considering ‘reins’. Aye or never? Appreciate your thoughts.





This little one has a big love for slides, she was staring in amazement at all the kids on the bouncy castle whizzing down the inflatable slides. Unfortunately, its one of those where adults are not allowed. Sorry kiddo, next time when you are not so wobbly 😉 However, we managed to venture into of those ‘adventure house’ together.



We love bringing home a prize when we visit a fair! One of those ‘a prize every time’ games as I never win. We have one of those inflatable giraffe and an Eeyore and now a whale to add to the collection.

Our prize

Clearly, she was very excited and attempted to run away with it.




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