First Theatre Experience – Dinosaur Zoo Live

I love performing arts, and the husband and I used to love watching musicals together whenever we get the chance or when we are in London. Of course, we wanted our little one to enjoy the same. Start them young eh?


Excited parents before the show

We brought our little 16 month old to watch her first ‘live show’ at the theatre. As much as I was looking forward to this, I have to be honest.. I was very nervous beforehand. What if she does not behave? Will I be spending most of my time outside the hall? Will I regret this decision to bring her at this tender age? Will she be terrified of the large dinosaurs? Oh well, she better not waste our hard earned Β£. *Jokes*

The show was recommended for children 3+ (yes she’s not 3!) but it was going to be a very interactive show and worst case scenario she will enjoy ‘kid-watching’ as the whole hall will be filled with excited dinosaur-loving children. To me, show times is the most important, as long as it does not fall during ‘nap time’.. That is one big hurdle conquered.

Off we went to the Curve Theatre in Leicester to watch Dinosaur Zoo Live. We had an absolutely brilliant time at this fun and very interactive show. The dinosaur puppets were very life-like and a true delight, even the adults marveled at them. My husband was entertained too. Look!


Little one was glued to her daddy’s lap wide eyed and in awe. She would point at them much to my delight and go ‘bird’! ( It was a flying dinosaur ) . She was pretty fearless throughout the show and I could see her taking in all the noise and soaking in the buzzing atmosphere from the other kids. She would squeal and clap and that itself is worth this experience.



It was a very enjoyable 50 minutes for us even if she had a fair share of dairy free chocolates and lots of fruit whilst watching the show.

They even had a little ‘meet and greet’ session or ‘meat and greet’ if you like πŸ˜‰ for the children to get up close to the dinosaurs. We met the baby t-rex and baby triceratops!






.. and of course I had to feed her (or my) dinosaur obsession. Decisions decisions. Some top ranked goodies, gosh I have a thing for reading reviews before properly ‘shopping’. Do you?

Perfect for imaginative play, an 18 piece dinosaur set for a fiver. Bet little one will love the tub too as she’s very into filling and emptying containers at the moment.

Another one to consider .. soft and squidgy baby dinosaurs.

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 2.36.54 AM.png

I have flipped through this book and this is perfect for the dino-mad kid / toddler. I believe books are little investments. Besides, its on offer and cannot really go wrong with a bestseller.

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 2.43.31 AM

and just for laughs .. I would consider this dress up dinosaur for when shes older. Haha!

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 2.48.17 AM.png

Hope you have a happy Sunday ahead xxx



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