Dairy Free Entertaining

Planning a Dairy Free party requires more attention to detail and sometimes, its just so much easier to order delicious food from somewhere. My little one is currently 18 months and its impossible to spare too long in the kitchen without her wrecking havoc to all the cupboards and their belongings.

I had a good browse onΒ  Waitrose Entertaining as it came highly recommended and ps. I was spoilt for choice. Easy to browse as there’s a dietary and lifestyle tab on the side. ‘No milk’ for us, just for the little one. I loved it as its not entirely catered so to say, as you still need to roast the beautifully presented food in the oven. Easier to claim that I have made it πŸ˜‰ Haha.

So, a little plan for a party of 8. Ps. some notice is require. Its about 6 days, dependent on the dish you want to order.

On the menu :

Carvery Leg of Lamb Studded with Garlic & Rosemary. Never disappoints and oh so easy to cook too, just pop it in the oven. Delicious flavour.

Beautiful Salmon side with Orange, Mustard and Dill.

Vegetarian Sushi Platter – very kid friendly for us

Fruity Moroccan Coucous Salad

and Homemade Dairy Free ‘Monkey’ Ice Cream.

Oh yes, if you are not looking for dairy free options, their baked goodies and children party food looks incredible! Super duper cute. Look!

Screen shot 2016-06-05 at 1.55.03 AM

For dessert, some ice cream with this recipe. Such a hit with bubba and perfect for warmer weather πŸ™‚ We made them into some fun animal shapes with moulds from Baked By Me.

4 ripe bananas, peeled and cut into 3cm chunks
1 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp honey
1tsp vanilla extract
100 ml coconut milk


Whisk all the ingredients in a blender. Nothing complicated about this recipe. The most challenging bit was waiting for it to freeze so that we can enjoy some in the sun.


Practice run was a success, she loved it! *Happy Dance* Am definitely going to use this recipe again but will most likely reduce the amount of honey as its already sweet with the ripe bananas.


Face brimming with joy. At that point in time, I was so proud of my ‘ice cream making’ skills.


It must be true, happy baby … happy mummy!

*Recipe for dairy free banana ice cream from the Waitrose site*

Egg tarts and Park Life in Birmingham

Corn! Her current obsession. It used to be peas but for the past week, all she wants to eat is C-O-R-N. She finds it hilarious when she takes a huge chunk out of the cob herself πŸ˜€


We were craving for some good authentic Chinese food, so off we went for a day in Birmingham. Truly spoilt for choice as there is a Chinatown there.

If you are around the area, you should definitely try the egg tarts at a small bakery tucked in the Arcadian Centre. Its called Wah Kee Bakery. They make them fresh daily and we were so lucky to catch these babies hot out of the oven. A little piece of perfection when its warm.


Armed with a ’round and happy’ tummy, off we went to Cannon Hill Park to burn some of the calories. Its a beautiful place to let the little monster run wild.

Managed to get a few shots of the blooms. Isn’t it pretty?





They have lovely play areas for the kids too but no pictures as I was far too occupied with going down the slides a gazillion times with bubba.

Park = ice cream. Why not? πŸ™‚



A little someone was very possessive of her ice lolly, and whenever we tried to clean her up slightly .. she thought we were going to take it away and would start bawling. Oh dear. Don’t ask me how but we finally pried it away from her after she enjoyed half.


Cheesy family selfie time.