Jinshan Jinbaoli Old Street

If you have the opportunity to be in the North of Taiwan along the coast line, Jinshan Old Street also known as Jinbaoli Old Street is worth pausing at especially if you are hungry or are looking for some street food. The atmosphere was busy and it was popular with locals and does not come across as an extremely touristy place which I loved. I had the chance to drop by with my mum whilst everyone else was having a rest at the hotel. If you have not read my previous post, we traveled to a wonderful hot springs resort in Yang Ming Shan to escape the bustle of downtown Taipei. Jinshan is only 10 minutes away by taxi.


The street was lined on both sides with a variety of shops selling local biscuits, candies, fruits, flowers, souvenirs and of course a huge selection of food and drinks.





What’s interesting is how they make everything ‘in-store’ For example, this lovely cookie shop. LOVE their black sesame biscuits, they were lush. The peanut brittle was exceptional too. They place their products on the front of the shop .. on the road on long tables and if you peek into their shop space, its their production line. Fascinating isn’t it.


It was the same with the bubble tea / drinks vendors. The shop is by the street and the inside looks more like a well organised storage space. One man show .. he was so busy and the drinks hit the spot especially as it was so warm.


We were recommended to try this winter melon honey lemon drink and wow, it was thirst quenching. We also bought Taiwanese Bubble Tea and Soya milk with grass jelly. All delicious.


The highlight of this little street is definitely the food stall in front of the old temple main gate. It was very crowded and you pick your own food. There was a huge selection of different vegetables and meat. A must try is their famous steamed duck. The noodles were particularly delicious too. We had it to go to feed the rest waiting for us at the hotel and was pleasantly surprised to see how efficient it was. No spills with their sealed takeaway containers.


Fried fish and steamed prawns. No photos of the duck nor the noodles or the veg! The boys must have dug into them before I had the chance to capture it.

Happy tummy –> and then it was back to lots of suncreen before we hit the hotel’s hot springs 🙂



Next post will be about Taiwan’s capital, Taipei!

Toodles xx


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