Summer Sun with 2!

Oh hello there! We have been very very very quiet on here but LOOK …


We have been so blessed to welcome another precious daughter to our family in March and our little 3 year old mini ‘tornado’ is now a very proud big sister. I cannot quite believe that we are a family of four.


We recently celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and I successfully persuaded my dear husband to whisk us away for a short holiday. Well, we have not killed each other yet and that must be some reason to live a little and enjoy some ‘summer sun’. Little did we know that I chose the hottest place for a stopover. Everyone warned us about Dubai’s summer, I definitely underestimated it slightly but it is definitely doable and enjoyable even with young children.


One thing I was very worried about was how the kids will cope with the heat and how do I protect their fragile skin. It even reached 45 degrees Celcious when we there, can you imagine. ( and I thought summer this year in the UK is warm enough ). Throughout July, WaterWipes have partnered up with a child dermatologist to highlight the importance of protecting baby skin throughout the summer months. Dr Wilkinson has provided a variety of top tips which proved very helpful to us especially when we were in Dubai.

Keep babies under 6 months in the shade.
Thank heavens for air conditioning everywhere out there. There are lots of indoor type attractions in Dubai so we did spent a chunk of our time indoors. We also managed to laze around by the pool to cool down. We were lucky that the hotel we stayed in had a shaded kids pool. By the way, did you know that sun cream is not tested on babies under 6 months and so should not be used. I slathered on lots to protect big sister though.



It was also baby’s first time being exposed to potential skin irritants such as sweat, sand, sea water, chlorine and air conditioning. Little one has very sensitive skin. Actually both my kids have quite bad eczema growing up. We made sure to wash off chlorine in the shower as soon as possible and applied a moisturiser to the skin. Oh yes, do dry skin thoroughly after swimming before applying moisturiser in order to avoid locking in moisture. This is a common cause of nappy rash and is easily prevented by drying the skin.
We took extra care when we were out on holiday by only using tried and tested products to protect our children’s skin. No room for trial and error when we are on holiday. Littlest has been prescribed a bath emolient which we use daily and we ‘over’ moisturise their skin if that makes sense.
Another thing we love and use is WaterWipes. If you have been following us on Instagram, you might know that my eldest has a milk allergy which she is slowly outgrowing and the baby has eczema woes much to my dismay. Hence, we are very careful about products we use on their skin. Did you know that they are the only baby wipe to be approved by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Association of America. WaterWipes have been carefully designed to be gentle on babies sensitive skin and they are the world’s purest baby wipe that contains 99.9% water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract – a natural skin conditioner. They don’t irritate my children’s skin and makes parenting life slightly easier.
Another fabulous tip to avoid baby overheating is to dress them in loose clothing. This is by far my favourite part about summer : the adorable rompers and dresses and sunhats!


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