Jimmy’s Killer Prawns

We love eating out. We love eating. Fullstop. Our family eating adventures aka ‘restaurant hopping’ is still going strong although nowadays I never write about it anymore as life takes over and takeaway is too convenient when you have to juggle 2 kiddies BUT …

There’s a new kid in town that spurred me to write a post to share just how much our family enjoyed our meal there. They claim that their food is addictive and oh boy it truly was. I am a huge fan of their killer prawns. We went there over the weekend and we even ‘Deliveroo-ed’ them the following day. Eeks ( not very kind to the wallet ). It just goes to show how addictive it was.

There’s something for everyone and if you are not a fan of seafood, there’s always the chicken or meat option. Be warned though, their portions are ENORMOUS. The prices are slightly steep but when you share your meal, it works out to be pretty good value for what you get.

We went for a combo as the other half wanted to have a bit of steak too. It was all about the prawns for me! Ours was served with rice, fries and their trio of sauces. The garlic butter was divine.

The Prawns are served whole in their shells and with their heads intact. The marinade on them was lovely. Its messy but the best way to enjoy them is to suck on the outer shell as its just so juicy. Gosh, I cannot believe I just wrote that. The grilled prawns were on point and I would come back again and again for them.



IMG_3666.JPGKids meal. Our child adores prawns and she could have shared ours but we went for the spicy grilled prawns instead of the orignal flavour. Turns out, she loved it .. the spicy one. We did order her a kiddy meal though. Fried prawns with fries. She enjoys her food and its always a pleasure to watch her try a variety of food.





We also ordered a starter to share and the waitress recommended we try the Red Prawn soup. One of the best I’ve tasted in a while, thick, rich, spicy and plenty of prawns in there.


Not ready for food, oh little child but we bring you everywhere with us too.

Definitely worth a visit. Let me know what you think!

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns

58a London Rd

Leicester LE2 0QD