Pumpkin picking experience

Yes yes, its yet another pumpkin patch blog post on the internet but it is special for us as its our first experience with the little one in tow. It might have been easier ( *clears throat* photo opportunity ) last year as she was not yet a walking talking toddler .. I could have plopped her anywhere and it would have been picture perfect (jokes). Its nice to set little traditions for the family though and we will have to make a conscious effort to go again.

We went to Cattows Farm, a beautiful piece of Leicestershire countryside but their pumpkin patch was empty. They had a huge demand of Pick Your Own this year but no worries as they had a special plan in place for the kiddies. They just placed pre harvested pumpkins on their land 🙂 Well, who cares! We were there and we were going to make the best of it.

She was thrilled when she saw so many pumpkins but one would assume pumpkins would be the main attraction at a pumpkin farm? It was ALL about the dandelions and the daisies for her. She kept saying ‘Look Mummy ‘ ‘Look Daddy!’ ‘I am picking lots and lots’. It was adorable, bless.

Pumpkin Patch

Cattows Farm

Pumpkin Picking


Pumpkin Picking at Cattows Farm


Dandelion Love

Daddy Daughter Time


What a lovely experience for us to enjoy as a family, we must remember to go earlier in the month next year. Perhaps there will be actual pumpkins to harvest 🙂 Cattows Farm is a wonderful family friendly place, we had a good wander around the farm shop and made some purchases. Little one was pretty chuffed with her big and ‘little’ pumpkin. Oh yes, I have to mention the cakes in their tea room. Looks super delicious but unfortunately we already had food plans, therefore did not indulge this time around.

Cattows Farm Leicestershire

Cattows Farm Shop

They also had a little children play area which must be fab for the summer!

Cattows Farm

… no prize for guessing my height 😉

Cattows Farm

Last not but not least, a picture with their resident sheep and goat. Sure hit with bubba, she loved saying hello.

Cattows Farm


Baking with the Toddler – Dairy Free Shortbread

I always had this idyllic idea of baking with my child, where it will be so pretty and fun, like something from those adverts you see on telly.

I have been procrastinating for quite a few months as I knew that this would smash that lovely picture that I have painted in my head. I finally DID IT. Baking with my little one for the very first time at 21 months! A really good and fun age to start as she now understands the concept of cooking. At least, I think she does as she watches me in the kitchen and pretends to cook her own food when she is actually eating. Haha.

I set up all the ingredients in advance and before I could even explain or show her which one to mix, she started pouring the wrong ingredient to the huge mixing bowl much to my dismay. She was doing her own thing whilst I tried guiding her to ‘follow the recipe’. “At least she’s loving it”.. I kept repeating this in my head.

Good thing I hid the raspberries till the end as she conveniently forgot that she was still baking and started enjoying them. After munching on quite a few raspberries, she started cooperating again and she was a jolly good helper.

I am so glad that I waited till she was this age so that it wont be too much of a ‘fail’. Good fun, more mess than usual, double the time BUT yes, to more baking days ahead especially since its autumn 🙂

Enjoy our pictures, its chronological … includes the time where she toddled away and enjoyed some baking ingredients i.e the raspberries. Ingredients will be further down the post 🙂












Looking back at the pictures, her face was a picture of concentration and she carried out her little tasks with focus. Awww bless nothing cuter than little kids attempting to bake. First time trying this dairy free recipe and thankfully it worked! Super easy and she loved pressing the dough into the elephant mould. She kept wanting to turn the mould upside down to look at their faces though.


290g baking margarine, we used Stork (not the spreadable kind), room temp. diced

120g sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

270g plain flour

110g rice flour

100g raspberries (optional)

pinch of sea salt

Mix the ‘butter’, sugar and vanilla together until pale and fluffy. (Well my toddler wanted to do flour first) Add the flours to the creamed mixture. Fold together. We included some raspberries for fun. Place dough in moulds or prepared tin. Chill in fridge for 30 minutes, preheat oven to 170°C. Bake for 40 minutes or until lightly golden. Remove from oven and score and do leave for it to completely cool before removing from mould or cutting the slices.





We had one happy tot! Definitely makes it all worthwhile when you see her tucking into her little cookie. The elephants were a hit as she was so excited to eat the ears and then the eyes.


For some other dairy free makes, check out my df banana ice cream and passion fruit cake. Hope you have a happy Sunday with your loved ones.

Ps. theres a huge range of animal moulds on Baked By Me. Great fun when baking with the kiddos.

The Adventures Of An Allergy Mummy

Mid-Autumn Festival

Feeling rather nostalgic 🙂 My mum sent along a gorgeous lantern for the little one in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival. After Chinese New Year, this is the second most important festival. I used to love picking out my lantern with my brothers; this was a wonderful yearly affair for us and I remember choosing an assortment of animals where my brothers would go for a car or superhero lantern or something along those lines. It was also a lovely excuse to play with lots of candles when we were older. Oh so much fun to be had.

When I forwarded some of the pictures to my mum .. she replied saying we had to play with the lantern when its dark (Duh!) There’s a little spot for you to put a candle in the lantern. Major fire hazard as the little one was way too excited with her first lantern. She was flinging it around, running along the path and ‘showing it off’ with lots of joy. Besides, this was already about 7pm. We are already missing these long, warm summer days where we it felt like we had lots of time to explore but autumn can be beautiful too.

Managed to get some lovely pictures with her prized PINK butterfly lantern.


Lots of love and thank you Nanna! xxx

Surviving Long Haul Flights with our Toddler

Summer break. Holiday. Holibobs – Foreign climate and preferably with SUN –> long flight.

We have done 13 hour flights when she was a baby and it was all fine and dandy as she slept a fair bit! Before we booked this holiday, I definitely did my share of worrying as she is now an energetic toddler.. one that needs to be kept entertained and oh she is one that loves to stretch her legs. What if she acts up or throws a fit on board? Not to fret, its not that easy but we coped quite well I must admit. We as in my husband and myself. Phew! We made a good team and it was a lovely travelling experience flying with our toddler.


First thing first, get all the nitty gritty formal bits out of the way. Airline, food, bassinets. You may have to request in advance. Our little one is dairy and egg free and we had to get some special food requested for her.


Get some sleep! We were all well rested before the long flight and this made a huge difference. We travelled to London the night before and spend the night at an airport hotel. You must check out Airparks. They have special airport hotel + parking deals which are great value for money. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Heathrow for a night + 20 days parking for about £120!

Little one was well excited when we arrived in London! We have been prepping her and telling her that we will be going on an aeroplane when we go on holiday …

Crowne Plaza

and not even the real deal and she was hopping about the hotel’s reception. Haha! The room was large and very comfortable at the Crowne Plaza Heathrow. If you have older kids, the room has a sofa bed for them too. Such a great way to start the holiday stress-free and with a teeny touch of luxury too. Definitely worked out cheaper than just paying for airport parking on its own. Wanted to eliminate as much ‘stress’ as possible especially when we have a kid in tow .. this worked out really well.

Crowne Plaza London Heathrow

Fresh as a daisy and off we go to the airport for breakfast! You can hop on the shuttle or get a cab to the airport.



Be prepared. Goodness knows how many times I wrote out our ‘hand luggage’ list. Never underestimate the novelty of a new ‘little’ toy and old favourites are also a must. In our case, we lugged her favourite Teletubby, Lala! (Ps we actually lost it in Taiwan, whoops)

I really thought the novelty of getting onboard the plane would have worn out eventually and she would just fall asleep. no such luck, she only napped for 2 hours out of the 13 hours and it was meant to be bedtime. Thankfully, I packed plenty of entertainment as well as snacks for the whole 13 hours.

I had a fab time planning her toys, I was about to order children headphones but decided against loading the Ipad with Peppa or Dora. There’s always in flight entertainment if all fails onboard.

What really worked for us ( she’s 19 months old) —

  • Magna Doodle. It does require quite a bit of effort on our end as she expects us to draw Peppa, clouds, the sun, and lots of different animals but it did keep her well entertained for a few hours and its still one of her favourite toys. Great value for money. I was deciding between this or the travel Aqua Doodle as that came highly recommended too.Peppa Magna Doodle
  • Lift the flap type books. She is very into ‘lift the flap’ books and her all time favourite show is Dora the Explorer. I was very lucky to stumble on a very well made board book that had lots of different colours and objects. She loved it and that is what matters. We also brought an all time classic too, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We are quite lucky that she is very into her books, so we always bring a couple in my bag. (Don’t ask about the state of my bag, its always overflowing)Dora Book
  • Water Magic book. Oh this is really clever, just add water to the little pen that comes with it and the pen makes colours and pictures magically appear. Its recommended for 3 and up but the little one is quite a ‘pro’ at working the book now. Just my luck that I brought 2 ‘drawing type’ toys as we had another toddler seated next to us and they both wanted in on the crafty activities.Water Magic Books
  • Stickers. I have not met a toddler that doesn’t like stickers. Kept her entertained for ages and we gave some to our little friend seated next to us too. Oh yes if you have a window seat, the gel type stickers are a lovely distraction. You can even stick them on the food tray and you don’t need to worry too much about how to get them out.Gel stickers for travelling
  • Wet wipes, enough nappies, extra change of clothes. We brought 3 set of spare clothes for little one and an extra top each for my husband and myself.
  • SNACKS. Seriously, just arm yourself with lots of them and if all else fails remember to bring a few sweeties onboard too. We brought a little box of cereal, she loves Coco Pops with a passion. Ordered lots of ‘healthier’ goodies from Boots too as ideally .. we did not want her to go all ‘sugar high’ on us. Very convenient and there’s always lots of different offers as well when you buy a few. Snacks
  • The Ipad/ tablet. I try to limit screen time and lo and behold, we did not travel with one but if you are travelling alone with little ones.. definitely flash one out 😀 It does work! Oh yes, you have to load it up with shows, films and songs beforehand.
  • Calpol or any other meds that little one might need.


Enjoy and go with the flow 🙂 Remember, flying is fun and magical especially for an excited child.

Oh yes indeed. She had the time of her life and I had muscle ache for first the few days of our holiday.

Ps. we must have walked around the plane about 50 times.

*All in all, we flew 13 hours to Malaysia. 5 hours to Taiwan and another 5 hours back with a transit in Singapore. Finally, another 13 hours back to London. Same toys and snacks etc were used for the whole trip.

Hope this helps and enjoy your travels xxx





Of Warmer Days and Sunshine

We have been blessed with quite a few days of glorious sunshine, it has been so warm and lovely. It feels like summer came early this year. Oh, how lucky did we get!

This feels like a sneak peek for a great summer ahead with the kiddo. There’s plenty to do when the sun comes out to play. Even lounging about in the garden for 30 minutes feels like a ‘mini holiday’.

It has to be a different selection of toys and books every time to entertain her so that I can drink my cup of tea in peace or hang a load of laundry. Ps. my laundry basket is in a great state at the moment due to the wonderful ‘drying’ weather.

I love it when the kitties get to lounge about with us outdoors too.


Little one’s selection, Sophie’s Lift The Flap book, a little tub of bubbles and her current favourite, a case of Play Doh. They are mini tubs but they are perfect as an introductory set. We don’t actually have to play with the ‘doh’ most of the time, she keeps herself very very very busy by building towers and fitting them back in their case.




Spotted … enjoying a good old fig roll whilst the tabby looks on probably longing for a cheeky nibble.


Ps. I wanted to share that we found SPARKLING Play-Doh.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 2.19.10 AM.png

They definitely did not have any glittery ones when I was young. Haha. It does pay to shop around too as its a fiver in John Lewis.

#MyToddlerReads (1)

So many books, so little time. I thought it might be rather nice to share and document what she reads, please feel free to join in using the hashtag #MyToddlerReads and will attempt to do 3 books fortnightly 🙂 She loves repetition but we do get through quite a few books from our local library and we tend to order quite a few online as well. They are usually better priced than the ones in a physical store.

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 12.54.20 AM

To kick this off, her all time favourite is The Hungry Caterpillar! We were gifted this much-loved classic by a friend and it has been put to good use. Ours is the board book version with lots of ‘holes’ made by the caterpillar and she is rather fond of putting her fingers in them.

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 12.28.37 AM.png

Where’s Spot is a wonderful ‘lift the flap’ book which she adores. She is kept very busy with all the flaps in the book and it helps that she loves shouting ‘Dog’ at the moment.

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 1.09.30 AM.pngAnother classic, The Tiger Who Came To Tea. Love the story line of this book and the illustrations are just spot on.

First Theatre Experience – Dinosaur Zoo Live

I love performing arts, and the husband and I used to love watching musicals together whenever we get the chance or when we are in London. Of course, we wanted our little one to enjoy the same. Start them young eh?


Excited parents before the show

We brought our little 16 month old to watch her first ‘live show’ at the theatre. As much as I was looking forward to this, I have to be honest.. I was very nervous beforehand. What if she does not behave? Will I be spending most of my time outside the hall? Will I regret this decision to bring her at this tender age? Will she be terrified of the large dinosaurs? Oh well, she better not waste our hard earned £. *Jokes*

The show was recommended for children 3+ (yes she’s not 3!) but it was going to be a very interactive show and worst case scenario she will enjoy ‘kid-watching’ as the whole hall will be filled with excited dinosaur-loving children. To me, show times is the most important, as long as it does not fall during ‘nap time’.. That is one big hurdle conquered.

Off we went to the Curve Theatre in Leicester to watch Dinosaur Zoo Live. We had an absolutely brilliant time at this fun and very interactive show. The dinosaur puppets were very life-like and a true delight, even the adults marveled at them. My husband was entertained too. Look!


Little one was glued to her daddy’s lap wide eyed and in awe. She would point at them much to my delight and go ‘bird’! ( It was a flying dinosaur ) . She was pretty fearless throughout the show and I could see her taking in all the noise and soaking in the buzzing atmosphere from the other kids. She would squeal and clap and that itself is worth this experience.



It was a very enjoyable 50 minutes for us even if she had a fair share of dairy free chocolates and lots of fruit whilst watching the show.

They even had a little ‘meet and greet’ session or ‘meat and greet’ if you like 😉 for the children to get up close to the dinosaurs. We met the baby t-rex and baby triceratops!






.. and of course I had to feed her (or my) dinosaur obsession. Decisions decisions. Some top ranked goodies, gosh I have a thing for reading reviews before properly ‘shopping’. Do you?

Perfect for imaginative play, an 18 piece dinosaur set for a fiver. Bet little one will love the tub too as she’s very into filling and emptying containers at the moment.

Another one to consider .. soft and squidgy baby dinosaurs.

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 2.36.54 AM.png

I have flipped through this book and this is perfect for the dino-mad kid / toddler. I believe books are little investments. Besides, its on offer and cannot really go wrong with a bestseller.

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 2.43.31 AM

and just for laughs .. I would consider this dress up dinosaur for when shes older. Haha!

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 2.48.17 AM.png

Hope you have a happy Sunday ahead xxx



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