Festive butter cookies

Its that time of the year where we use our oven frequently and our home smells lovely! My big girl was super excited to make some festive cookies for family and friends. We have been bringing lots of baked goodies from brownies to biscuits for the children’s Christmas parties and she was so proud telling everyone she made them.

I wanted to share our go to recipe for cut out cookies! Its buttery, holds it shape and its made with ease. Another fool proof recipe for the children to mess about with. Thank you Nigella! An indispensable cookie recipe. We used cutters of my child’s choice. Hence, possibly every cutter we own. God bless the brother who had to wash and store them for us.

175g soft butter

200g caster sugar

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

400g flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

Mix the butter and sugar together, then whisk in the eggs and vanilla. Add the flour, baking powder and salt. Honestly, we used a normal whisk. It works. Rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Preheat the oven to 180ºC/160°C Fan/gas mark 4/350ºF when you are ready to make the biscuits.

Sprinkle a suitable surface with flour, place your dough on it. Then roll it out to a thickness of about ½ cm. Cut into shapes.

Bake for 8–12 minutes, by which time they will be lightly golden around the edges. Cool on a rack and continue with the rest of the dough.Allow to cool completely before letting the child run wild with their creative juices. You can use icing sugar to ice your cookies or you can opt for chocolate like us 🙂


Bless, just look at her face! Well worth the baking mess. They emerged from the oven beautifully, have a peek..


We then melted some chocolate and left the decorating to the child. Topping overload 🙂 More like an explosion of glittery sugar and hundreds of thousands.


Coincidentally, it was also the husbands birthday. He gets festive cookies and a very excited rendition of Happy Birthday by our 4 year old … Candles blown out by said child haha. She also led the 3 cheers with much gusto. HIP HIP …. HOORAY! Ps. like our innovative candle holders?


Do try the recipe and hope you enjoy lots of festive bakes and mince pies over Christmas. xxx

Baking with the Toddler – Dairy Free Shortbread

I always had this idyllic idea of baking with my child, where it will be so pretty and fun, like something from those adverts you see on telly.

I have been procrastinating for quite a few months as I knew that this would smash that lovely picture that I have painted in my head. I finally DID IT. Baking with my little one for the very first time at 21 months! A really good and fun age to start as she now understands the concept of cooking. At least, I think she does as she watches me in the kitchen and pretends to cook her own food when she is actually eating. Haha.

I set up all the ingredients in advance and before I could even explain or show her which one to mix, she started pouring the wrong ingredient to the huge mixing bowl much to my dismay. She was doing her own thing whilst I tried guiding her to ‘follow the recipe’. “At least she’s loving it”.. I kept repeating this in my head.

Good thing I hid the raspberries till the end as she conveniently forgot that she was still baking and started enjoying them. After munching on quite a few raspberries, she started cooperating again and she was a jolly good helper.

I am so glad that I waited till she was this age so that it wont be too much of a ‘fail’. Good fun, more mess than usual, double the time BUT yes, to more baking days ahead especially since its autumn 🙂

Enjoy our pictures, its chronological … includes the time where she toddled away and enjoyed some baking ingredients i.e the raspberries. Ingredients will be further down the post 🙂












Looking back at the pictures, her face was a picture of concentration and she carried out her little tasks with focus. Awww bless nothing cuter than little kids attempting to bake. First time trying this dairy free recipe and thankfully it worked! Super easy and she loved pressing the dough into the elephant mould. She kept wanting to turn the mould upside down to look at their faces though.


290g baking margarine, we used Stork (not the spreadable kind), room temp. diced

120g sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

270g plain flour

110g rice flour

100g raspberries (optional)

pinch of sea salt

Mix the ‘butter’, sugar and vanilla together until pale and fluffy. (Well my toddler wanted to do flour first) Add the flours to the creamed mixture. Fold together. We included some raspberries for fun. Place dough in moulds or prepared tin. Chill in fridge for 30 minutes, preheat oven to 170°C. Bake for 40 minutes or until lightly golden. Remove from oven and score and do leave for it to completely cool before removing from mould or cutting the slices.





We had one happy tot! Definitely makes it all worthwhile when you see her tucking into her little cookie. The elephants were a hit as she was so excited to eat the ears and then the eyes.


For some other dairy free makes, check out my df banana ice cream and passion fruit cake. Hope you have a happy Sunday with your loved ones.

Ps. theres a huge range of animal moulds on Baked By Me. Great fun when baking with the kiddos.

The Adventures Of An Allergy Mummy

8 days in!

8 days into 2014 and I am quite pleased with myself as I have documented more baking and cooking in pictures than ever before. I have to say ‘Thank you Instagram’ as it makes it so much easier with their filters. It always took quite a bit of effort when I had to time myself meticulously and only photograph our products or baked goodies when the light is good. UK weather and natural sunlight… one can only chuckle.



imageThis does exclude lunch and breakfast. One has done well eh? 😀 One has got to eat, therefore one has got to cook. Perhaps we shall eat out for the whole of next week 😀 I feel slightly exhausted now just looking at these pictures.

New Baking Mould – Fingers Mould

You must take a peek at THIS:

Our new Finger mould.

Finger Mould

Finger Mould

Our 6 cell Fingers Mould is just way too cool. There are so many things I want to try out, oh so versatile! Makes 6 life size very realistic cookie or chocolate fingers.

Would love to stick ‘fingers’ in pies, cakes, cupcakes. Can imagine them in a Sweeney Todd themed party too.

Overall mould size measures approximately 260mm x 125mm.
Mould makes chocolates about 77mm high x 23mm in width, 20mm deep.

These are made from 100% food grade silicone. They are suitable for use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer from -60deg C to +260deg C

Although this mould was designed for use with chocolate, it can be used with many other materials such as hard / boiled candy, soap, resin, wax, ice, concrete and other mediums.

They are available HERE for £4.50. Flat rate UK delivery at £2.99. We also delivery worldwide, message us your order and price is dependent on weight, usually £3.50 for Europe and £4.50 worldwide for up to 2 moulds.



Top of the morning to you!

Check out adorable Ava helping Aunty Becky make her Baked By Me cookies 🙂 Thank you for sharing this pic with us Sarah.


All our cookie mixes comes with easy baking instructions. Just have to add an egg and butter. Mix, bake and ENJOY 🙂

Baked By Me Double Choc Cookies

Baked By Me’s Double Choc cookies = drool worthy! You have got to try them. Available in cookie mix jars or baking bags.

Signing off to pack your weekend orders. Hope you have a superb week ahead.



Bunny cookies on Regency Cake Stand

Do you ‘pin’ on Pinterest? Gosh, I could spend hours on Pinterest looking at gorgeous cakes, clothes, homeware, bakeware, flowers, beautiful homes, nature, you name it.

I pin as Iris (why, of course) on http://pinterest.com/bakedbymeuk/

I get way too excited when I stumble upon adorable bakes. Even more so, when they are on a cake stand that we sell in our little shop!

Check them out. Adorable bunny cookies, that are perfect for Easter.

Pinterest pin

They are from this gorgeous blog. (Amazing pictures) These cookies are too lovely and ps. don’t you LOVE the cake stand too?

It’s this exact one that we have!

Regency Cakestand


Ssssh! They are currently on offer too. £24.95 and our delivery rate is £2.99 no matter how much or what you purchase. Lots of new goodies too. Have fun and hope you have a brilliant week ahead.





Easter Mania!

Make Easter a great one! Hello everyone 🙂

We have lots of Easter bakeware and goodies to help you out. First up, our hen silicone mould. Oven safe too. Just add melted chocolate to make gorgeous chocolate hens!

Chicken Mould

Make your own Easter Eggs this year? This gorgeous egg is made by Kristy Giblin. Thank you for sharing your wonderful make with us 🙂


We have 2 egg moulds available in medium (£4.50) and large (£5.50). Each medium egg measures approximately 50mm in diameter and is 65mm long and each large egg measures approximately 75mm in diameter and is 95mm long.

Easter Egg Moulds

It has been rather manic at the Baked By Me HQ. Incredibly thankful that you love our Easter themed jars.

Mini Eggs Cookie Mix

Comes with easy baking instructions. Just add an egg an butter to make 18 lush drool worthy cookies. Check them out!!

Mini Eggs Delight Cookies

They are seasonal though. So do not wait for too long. We have also introduced a fun new product this year in conjunction with Easter. Have a peek at our bunny baking bags!! Choose from a pink, cream or blue bunny felt bag. Includes a Mini Eggs Delight baking bag. Reuse your bunny bag when you go on an Easter Egg hunt.

Mini Eggs Bunny Bags

Cute little bunnies are available from our site for £6.50.

Easter baking goodies

Mix and match. Delivery charge is always the same at £2.99. Serious bargain considering our baking goodies can be relatively heavy.

Enjoy and cannot wait to hear all about your Easter makes and bakes.



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