Split & Glory Ice Cream Parlour & Milkshake Bar

Durham boast a new ice cream parlour and milkshake bar! It’s on the top floor of Chapter’s and I was delighted with the menu, choice of ice cream and was exceptionally impressed with their cheery customer service and their ambience. Love the music played! Felt like swing dancing whilst enjoying my  ice cream!

Check out their sprayed on decoration on their walls.

Amazing options offered but I was way too full after a heavy lunch. Chose a scoop of banana ice cream and it was soooo good.

The Mr had a rich chocolate mint milkshake! Lush indeed.

Just love the whole American diner concept. If you are in Durham, you have to drop by Chapters of Durham Tea Rooms on Elvet Bridge.

And, no I was not paid to write this.


Aero Mint Milkshake, fit for Shrek!

Milkshake tastes better in a jar than a normal glass. Fantastic way to reuse your Baked By Me glass jars!

Please don’t ask me for a milkshake recipe, as I just throw ingredients in the blender. Whatever goes 🙂 This Shrek milkshake has Aero Mint, soft scoop vanilla ice cream and milk.

Ps, I love my floral tablecloth! Currently on sale, and there is only 1 left.

Please share your favourite milkshake with me!