Chinese Pumpkin Cake

Leftover pumpkins anyone? We made an interesting traditional Chinese dessert with ours. We tried it once in a Chinese restaurant and it was delightful. Attractive golden colour glistening with oil and very scrumptious. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The recipe is straightforward and the child enjoyed making them together with me. First, cut your pumpkin into thin slices. Steam your pumpkin slices for 10 minutes. Mash into a puree. Add in the glutinous rice flour and sugar. The dough is of a lovely texture and she helped me roll them into little balls, flattened them and then coat them with breadcrumbs. Remember to coat both sides. Pour the oil in a pan and heat the oil. Fry the pumpkin cakes to a golden brown on both sides. Drain excess oil off the cakes onto a kitchen towel. Don’t forget to eat them hot. We drizzled ours with condensed milk and its the best combination.

500g Pumpkin

450g Glutinous Rice Flour

2 tablespoons White Sugar

Bread crumbs – enough to coat the small cakes

Oil – to fry the pumpkin cakes

Condensed milk – a small can



Hot Chocolate Spoons

Spotted in Sainsburys, wonderful ‘stir in’ hot chocolate spoons. Beautiful packaging but at £1.50 each, you can make loads with our moulds and store them in the fridge or your cupboard for later use 🙂 They are really little luxuries as they make hot chocolate taste so good. You just need to stir a hot choc spoon into hot milk and voila. Extremely good as it is starting to get pretty chilly now. (Yes it is August)


Check out the packaging on these wonderful hot choc spoons made with our moulds! They are so lovely 🙂 Made by Tracey Campbell. Marshmallows and perhaps lots of cream .. what a heavenly combination with lush hot choc!imageLove rag dolls? Check out this creative hot choc spoon made by our talented ‘regular’ customer, Thelma Smith. She used our hot chocolate spoon mould and added the rag dolls made with another one of our moulds to the top! Nothing wrong with more chocolate 😉  


Her labels and makes are just too pretty! Laucotton made these gorgeous birdcage hot chocolate spoons with help with our moulds. She has a lovely business called Cocoa Delicous. Beautiful isn’t it!


 These fab ones made by another lovely customer, Amy Bugg.image


How creative is this? Made with our rose mould. Sharon Ludgate (Pupcakes) made these beautiful dog treats. They could easily be mistaken for hot choc spoons 😉

Rose Pupcakes Sharon Ludgate

We have quite a few moulds that could be made into hot choc spoons. These ones are ACTUAL spoons! Brilliant isn’t it. Made by customer, Gill Graham.


Time for some goodies I made with our Halloween moulds. Made ‘brains’ and ‘eyeballs’ hot chocolate spoons! Oh boy, they were perfection in a cup of hot milk and I had so much fun giggling away ‘melting’ them in the hot milk. Your kids will love them for Halloween.  image



Ps, I am going to have a go with strawberry jelly on the inside so that the brains and eyeballs ‘ooze’ 😀 Have a delicious day everyone xxx