Oranges are fun and so are her Tomy eggs.

This little munchkin has an affinity towards solid toys. Not a huge fan of soft toys since she was born. Pass her an orange, she will be entertained for at least 5 minutes before she starts gnawing on the peel. She does not play with fruits, spatulas, the core of kitchen rolls, tissue packets all the time to keep her stimulated and entertained. She has toys too. Haha! Sharing her favourite, Hide and Seek Eggs.

It comes in a yellow box that looks like it is from a takeaway. We lug it everywhere especially on long car and train journeys. ( We have just made two 5 hour journeys to Edinburgh with her)

Crack them open to reveal brightly coloured eggs.

Press down on the eggs, and they will ‘cheep’ . Okay, a little squeak.

It is also a shape sorting game but that will have to wait till she is slightly older. For now, she loves to ‘crack’ them open, and go knock, knock, knock! Seriously, who comes up with toy ideas like these eggs.

We tend to order from Amazon , free delivery although if you are planning a big shop for the festive season, they are available on Kiddicare. They do price match and you can save up to 60% on toys on HERE.