Hot Chocolate Spoons

Spotted in Sainsburys, wonderful ‘stir in’ hot chocolate spoons. Beautiful packaging but at £1.50 each, you can make loads with our moulds and store them in the fridge or your cupboard for later use 🙂 They are really little luxuries as they make hot chocolate taste so good. You just need to stir a hot choc spoon into hot milk and voila. Extremely good as it is starting to get pretty chilly now. (Yes it is August)


Check out the packaging on these wonderful hot choc spoons made with our moulds! They are so lovely 🙂 Made by Tracey Campbell. Marshmallows and perhaps lots of cream .. what a heavenly combination with lush hot choc!imageLove rag dolls? Check out this creative hot choc spoon made by our talented ‘regular’ customer, Thelma Smith. She used our hot chocolate spoon mould and added the rag dolls made with another one of our moulds to the top! Nothing wrong with more chocolate 😉  


Her labels and makes are just too pretty! Laucotton made these gorgeous birdcage hot chocolate spoons with help with our moulds. She has a lovely business called Cocoa Delicous. Beautiful isn’t it!


 These fab ones made by another lovely customer, Amy Bugg.image


How creative is this? Made with our rose mould. Sharon Ludgate (Pupcakes) made these beautiful dog treats. They could easily be mistaken for hot choc spoons 😉

Rose Pupcakes Sharon Ludgate

We have quite a few moulds that could be made into hot choc spoons. These ones are ACTUAL spoons! Brilliant isn’t it. Made by customer, Gill Graham.


Time for some goodies I made with our Halloween moulds. Made ‘brains’ and ‘eyeballs’ hot chocolate spoons! Oh boy, they were perfection in a cup of hot milk and I had so much fun giggling away ‘melting’ them in the hot milk. Your kids will love them for Halloween.  image



Ps, I am going to have a go with strawberry jelly on the inside so that the brains and eyeballs ‘ooze’ 😀 Have a delicious day everyone xxx

Festive Chocolates!

Lesley Sinclair made these gorgeous festive chocolates with our moulds! The colours just pop and don’t they just look so beautiful. Thank you Lesley for sharing them with us and entering them in our competition last week.

 Christmas Pudding Chocolates by Lesley Sinclair

Penguins made by Lesley Sinclair with our mould.

Rudolph Chocolate Reindeers by Lesley Sinclair

Gorgeous and just perfect!

They would be lovely little gifts packaged in a simple cello bag like:

Santa Teddy Chocolate

Yes, this is made with our popular Santa Bear mould. You can also ‘gift’ them in our brand new festive boxes! Christmas Carnival Gift Boxes (Set of 3) £4.30. They come with red and white string and round gift tags. They come in 3 colours, red, green and cream. Each box size: 14cm high (to handle) 10cm top, 8cm base.

Christmas carnival boxes with tagsWe have them in a few designs and also mini gift boxes for little homemade goodies like truffles and such. This is our Christmas Gift Boxes (Set of 3) £4. Each box size: 16cm high (to handle) 10cmx10cm top, 8cmx8cm base.

Pack Of 3 Christmas Panettone Gift Boxes

Mini ones! They come in a set of 6.

Pack Of 6 Panettone Gift Boxes

These Sweetie Gift Boxes (Set of 6) are just too adorable!

Pack Of 6 Sweetie Gift Boxes

Hope you enjoyed my little blog post. xx


Congratulations Jade Jones!

Woweee! The competition was fabulous and oh so close. Congratulations Jade Carly Jones, she won our competition with her gorgeous cake entry. She used our bestselling button mould to make her lovely cakes.

Cakes made with our button mould by  Jade Carly Jones

The Minion cake made by Chloe Constantine came in second! It was very very very close. The Minion has buttons made with our mould.

Minion cake made by Chloe Constantine. It has buttons made from our mould.

I am super pleased and thankful that so many people voted for their favourites. All the entries were fabulous and it was very very tough for me to make a decision. Phew! Luckily, our lovely friends voted.

Here’s more lovely entries! Entry 25 by Everyday I’m Trufflin’. Christmas puddings. She scattered the reverse with chocolate beans/fudge or honeycomb!

Christmas Pudding Chocolates made by Everyday I'm Trufflin'

Entry 27 by Sarah Baker! Rudolph Chocolate Lollies.
Rudolph Lollipop made by Sarah Baker
Entry 28 by Tracey Campbell! Hot Chocolate Spoons.
Chocolate Spoons by Tracey Campbell
Entry 37 by Emma Chatwood. Peppermint Chocolate Bars made with our mould and chocolate transfers. The photo is showing the front and back.
Chocolate bars made by Emma Chatwood Peppermint Chocolate Bar made with our mould and transfer.
Entry 66 by Lydia Graham. Jigsaw soaps made with our puzzle mould!
Jigsaw Puzzle soaps made with our mould by Lydia Graham
There’s a couple more we would love to share with you. Do browse on our Facebook page for all the wonderful entries. Till the next blog post!


We are back and feeling FESTIVE!


We are back from a little holiday! I am going to share a few holiday snaps.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls in a wonderful restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Vietnamese Spring RollsArtists at work.

Artists at work, Vietnam

Barbeque and hotpot at Quan Nuong.
Barbeque at Quan Nuong

Hot Pot at Quan Nuong

I enjoyed a lovely break with my mum and it was wonderful to be able to catch up and just relax. It is rather manic currently in the line up to Christmas. I am not complaining though, very thankful that our new products are selling very very well. Have you seen them?

Introducing our new letter moulds. We have a mini letter one as well as a chocolate block letter mould. Bargain at £3.80 each. They are really great for decorating your handmade chocolates, cakes, cookies and more!

Letter Moulds

Very very cool Dragon mould 🙂

Dragon Mould

Say hello to Mr Gnome! Great gift for the gardener. This little guy could also be a leprechaun. He’s holding his bag of money collected from the end of the rainbow.

Gnome Chocolate Mould

Ps. we have lots more to showcase! You must have a peek at all our latest goodies on the website.


Lots of love.







Skull on Discs – Halloween chocolates

Made two toned Skull on Discs chocolates, just perfect for Halloween. Spoon in your first layer of chocolate, I went with melted milk chocolate.

Skull on Discs mould - first layer of chocolate

Allow the first layer to set slightly. You can pop them out like that for individual skulls or continue with the next layer. Easy and straightforward, enjoy the pictures 🙂

Skull on discs mould

Skull on discs chocolate mould

Do tap your mould on a hard surface to get rid of air bubbles.
Making of skull chocolates

Our cool skulls on discs Halloween mould

Allow to set, then pop them out. VOILA!

Spooky Skull Chocolates

Skull and bones chocolate. Fab for Halloween!

Skull on discs mould available on HERE. We also have a different Skull mould on HERE. Have a good day xx

Inspiration moulds from The Great British Bake Off – Week 3

Bake Off Series 4 Episode 3. Desserts week! Lots and lots of  crème anglaise. Trifle, floating islands (snow eggs) and my favourite petit fours.

Was well upset for Deborah when her mini cakes did not pop out of the mould for the showstopper challenge. She did not lightly grease and flour her silicone mould. They always work like a gem for us. This week was not her week at all. I must add it was pretty hilarious when she nicked Howard’s custard.

Very much enjoyed the Showstopper Challenge, and have decided to blog about some moulds that we have that will be very helpful for your showstopper bakes at home. Who was your favourite? I do love Beca’s mini macarons and Frances cake presentation.

Macarons always make quite a few appearances on the Bake Off and loads in this episode. Have you seen our macaron mat? They are so very helpful.

This is a picture provided by The Pantry Door when she used our mats 🙂

Macaron Mat In Use

Our Seashells mould. Make seashell chocolates just like Ruby!
Seashell MouldOur half sphere moulds have been very popular yet again. They kept selling out last season, when they made Paul Hollywood’s Chocolate Teacakes as a technical challenge. I have such a bad memory, but someone definitely used the small sphere moulds to make their petit fours. A guy. Am sure the name will pop up soon. These moulds are just brilliant for chocolate truffles or spherical cakes.
Half sphere moulds
Chocolate transfers. Spotted them quite a few times already! They make all desserts look super professional. Best part is that they are very easy to use too.
Baked By Me Chocolate Transfers
Chocolate Transfers in Use Aztec Print
We might also give our Gift, Diamond and Union Jack mould a run for their money. Showstoppers in their own right and just the right size.
Gift Mould
Diamond Mould
Union Jack Mould
Sleep well everyone and sure hope you had your share of trifle, chocolate or cake when you were watching the show. Never fail to get the munchies.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Chocolate with Caramel Centres

We have a fabulous new mould that is great for any occasion! I am already thinking FESTIVE ( *coughs* Christmas) but its way too early in August for that. Have you seen our gift shaped moulds?

Gift MouldParcel Mould

We mentioned on our website that they will be perfect for chocolates with fillings and … guess what? We had a lovely talented customer, Jennifer Thomas send us a picture of her lovely makes. Her gift and magic stars chocolate were oozing with caramel. How very lush! Such a professional finish too 🙂

Magic Stars, Gift Shaped Chocolates by Jennifer Thomas

Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Oh yes, we have the magic stars mould HERE.

Magic Stars Mould

Goodnight everyone 🙂

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