Skull on Discs – Halloween chocolates

Made two toned Skull on Discs chocolates, just perfect for Halloween. Spoon in your first layer of chocolate, I went with melted milk chocolate.

Skull on Discs mould - first layer of chocolate

Allow the first layer to set slightly. You can pop them out like that for individual skulls or continue with the next layer. Easy and straightforward, enjoy the pictures 🙂

Skull on discs mould

Skull on discs chocolate mould

Do tap your mould on a hard surface to get rid of air bubbles.
Making of skull chocolates

Our cool skulls on discs Halloween mould

Allow to set, then pop them out. VOILA!

Spooky Skull Chocolates

Skull and bones chocolate. Fab for Halloween!

Skull on discs mould available on HERE. We also have a different Skull mould on HERE. Have a good day xx

Bones, coffins, dentures, eyeballs, fingers, brains ?

What a title for a blog post! Very morbid. However, it does mean that Halloween is close. Woohoo! Anyone hosting a party?

This is our bones mould in use 🙂 The mould is fab and is £4.99.

Bones mould

Chocolate bones made with Baked By Me's mould

As requested, we now have a spooky Coffins mould on our little online shop!

Coffins mould

I personally love our Dentures mould. Check out what The Chocolate Ear made with our mould. She sells ready made chocs!

Dentures by The Chocolate Ear

This is a very ghastly (all edible) version also made by The Chocolate Ear with our mould. Might put you off chocolate forever!

Ghastly Chocolate Dentures the chocolate ear

Revolting isn’t it? Very cool and apt for Halloween though 🙂

Cannot wait to see what you come up with! Here are 2 cool moulds that will be great for gory makes.

Our Eyeball mould, £4.99:

Eyeball Mould

Brains mould:

Brains mould

Perhaps, something more colourful now. Proper chocolate fingers?

Gorgeous ones made by our lovely customer, Amy Bugg with our mould.

Halloween Chocolate fingers by Amy Bugg

or realistic fingers?

Finger chocolate

All made with THIS fab mould :

Finger Mould

Hope you enjoyed our Halloween products round up post. Peek at the whole range on HERE for UK delivery. Have fun. For worldwide delivery, this is based on weight. Email or message us your order xx





Of chocolate spiders.

If you have noticed, I have been having way too much fun ‘testing out’ our new Halloween themed goodies. Well, I have to make sure they WORK and am pleased to report that they do work like a dream! 😀 Any excuse to use our moulds!

This is a cool spiders on web mould. The mould has the spider indented in it already. I piped in milk chocolate first to form the spider. My spider legs were a bit off.

Chocolate Spider in a mould

I decided to pipe a border along the web just for fun. Its really up to you, what you want to add to your chocolate design. The border is not indented to the mould.

Chocolate border spider web

Allow your first layer of chocolate to set slightly. I just popped the mould in the fridge for a few minutes whilst I melted my white chocolate which will be the 2nd layer. Whoop, first layer is ready. Spooned lush melted white chocolate to fill the mould. Tap on your work surface to release air bubbles.

Chocolate moulds in use

Chocolate Spider sitting in its Halloween mould

Allow to set 🙂 and then VOILA!

Chocolate Spider made with Baked By Me's mould

The messed up legs are not very noticeable at all. Hooray!

Chocolate Spider made with Baked By Me's Halloween mould

Try them out today, the mould is available on HERE. We have flat rate UK delivery at £2.99 no matter how much you order. Our moulds are relatively light and we will be able to post to Europe at the same price £2.99. Rest of the world £3.50. For international orders, you can email or message us your orders. We get quite a few worldwide orders from our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hope you like our step by step guide to using our moulds 🙂




Chocolate pumpkins for Halloween!

Have you seen orange coloured chocolate? These gorgeous chocs are even orange flavoured! They are Callebaut Belgian Orange Chocolate and they are just perfect for making Halloween goodies especially orange PUMPKINS! We have just introduced them in 450g bags on our website alongside our Halloween themed moulds. You must have a cheeky browse if you have not seen them already. Spiders, pumpkins, bones, witches hat, coffins, eyeballs, brains, fingers, dentures. You name it!

Belgian Orange Chocolate


New goodies to play with! Woohoo! 🙂 We have 3 different pumpkin moulds available on our website now.

Range of pumpkin moulds for Halloween

Small Pumpkin Mould

Pumpkin mould for Halloween

Large pumpkin mould for Halloween

Melted the Belgium Orange Chocolate in the microwave and if you notice the black dot on the Large pumpkin mould, I added a drop of milk chocolate in Mr Pumpkin’s nose.

Melted Orange Choc and Pumpkin Mould

Our moulds are very easy to use. Pour in melted chocolate, tap on your work surface to release air bubbles. Allow to set. We just place ours in the fridge and they turn out great!

Pumpkin mould in use

Single small pumpkin mould:

Small Pumpkin mould

Large pumpkin mould, had to be extremely careful to get these pictures as just poured in chocolate and it was far from set!

Large Pumpkin Mould with Belgian Orange Chocolate

Allow your chocolate to set. They pop out easily from the mould 🙂

Showing off our pumpkin family. Enjoy!

Orange Chocolate Pumpkins

Chocolate Orange Pumpkin Family

Oh yes, we do love our edible writing icing pens. You can get them from Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s. They even have store brand ones now. Lots of fun especially with our moulds. We drew on faces for the pumpkins.

Chocolate pumpkin and edible writing icing pens

Chocolate pumpkins

You can have a peek HERE for the full range of Halloween goodies. Have fun and do give me a shout anytime if you need any help. Hope you like our chocolate pumpkins xx















Spooky Chocolate Skulls

Short post showing off a lovely customer make! Spooky chocolate skulls by Amy Bugg with our mould. Love that there is a variety to choose from. Milk, dark and white chocolate 🙂

Spooky chocolate skulls by Amy Bugg

Grab your skull mould today from here.

Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Got to love a 3 day weekend xx

New Baking Mould – Fingers Mould

You must take a peek at THIS:

Our new Finger mould.

Finger Mould

Finger Mould

Our 6 cell Fingers Mould is just way too cool. There are so many things I want to try out, oh so versatile! Makes 6 life size very realistic cookie or chocolate fingers.

Would love to stick ‘fingers’ in pies, cakes, cupcakes. Can imagine them in a Sweeney Todd themed party too.

Overall mould size measures approximately 260mm x 125mm.
Mould makes chocolates about 77mm high x 23mm in width, 20mm deep.

These are made from 100% food grade silicone. They are suitable for use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer from -60deg C to +260deg C

Although this mould was designed for use with chocolate, it can be used with many other materials such as hard / boiled candy, soap, resin, wax, ice, concrete and other mediums.

They are available HERE for £4.50. Flat rate UK delivery at £2.99. We also delivery worldwide, message us your order and price is dependent on weight, usually £3.50 for Europe and £4.50 worldwide for up to 2 moulds.