Baking with the Toddler – Dairy Free Shortbread

I always had this idyllic idea of baking with my child, where it will be so pretty and fun, like something from those adverts you see on telly.

I have been procrastinating for quite a few months as I knew that this would smash that lovely picture that I have painted in my head. I finally DID IT. Baking with my little one for the very first time at 21 months! A really good and fun age to start as she now understands the concept of cooking. At least, I think she does as she watches me in the kitchen and pretends to cook her own food when she is actually eating. Haha.

I set up all the ingredients in advance and before I could even explain or show her which one to mix, she started pouring the wrong ingredient to the huge mixing bowl much to my dismay. She was doing her own thing whilst I tried guiding her to ‘follow the recipe’. “At least she’s loving it”.. I kept repeating this in my head.

Good thing I hid the raspberries till the end as she conveniently forgot that she was still baking and started enjoying them. After munching on quite a few raspberries, she started cooperating again and she was a jolly good helper.

I am so glad that I waited till she was this age so that it wont be too much of a ‘fail’. Good fun, more mess than usual, double the time BUT yes, to more baking days ahead especially since its autumn πŸ™‚

Enjoy our pictures, its chronological … includes the time where she toddled away and enjoyed some baking ingredients i.e the raspberries. Ingredients will be further down the post πŸ™‚












Looking back at the pictures, her face was a picture of concentration and she carried out her little tasks with focus. Awww bless nothing cuter than little kids attempting to bake. First time trying this dairy free recipe and thankfully it worked! Super easy and she loved pressing the dough into the elephant mould. She kept wanting to turn the mould upside down to look at their faces though.


290g baking margarine, we used Stork (not the spreadable kind), room temp. diced

120g sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

270g plain flour

110g rice flour

100g raspberries (optional)

pinch of sea salt

Mix the ‘butter’, sugar and vanilla together until pale and fluffy. (Well my toddler wanted to do flour first) Add the flours to the creamed mixture. Fold together. We included some raspberries for fun. Place dough in moulds or prepared tin. Chill in fridge for 30 minutes, preheat oven to 170Β°C. Bake for 40 minutes or until lightly golden. Remove from oven and score and do leave for it to completely cool before removing from mould or cutting the slices.





We had one happy tot! Definitely makes it all worthwhile when you see her tucking into her little cookie. The elephants were a hit as she was so excited to eat the ears and then the eyes.


For some other dairy free makes, check out my df banana ice cream and passion fruit cake. Hope you have a happy Sunday with your loved ones.

Ps. theres a huge range of animal moulds on Baked By Me. Great fun when baking with the kiddos.

The Adventures Of An Allergy Mummy

Cloud Dough


Let kids be kids. The messier, the better. πŸ˜‚ Oh God, help me when it comes to clearing up because let me tell you I am terrible and a horrible procrastinator.

I wanted to share one of Bubba’s little activity we enjoyed last week. Homemade ‘edible’ sand or the very trendy name : Cloud Dough.

4 parts FLOUR

She was not very keen on touching it initially but she took to it rather quickly and started transferring the sand from one pot to another. She is very into cutlery now, and tried to spoon the sand into different cups as well as the floor. Joy πŸ˜… This is what learning through play is all about I suppose.


The dough is pretty mouldable. You could even make a little sandcastle if you wanted to .. right in the middle of your living room!

It is (still) a permanent fixture in the room as I have yet to tip this in the big bin. Haha! Its a good thing too as we had her little 5 year old friend for a sleepover and she enjoyed it as well. She whispered to me and told me that the best part of the day was playing with the sand in the morning πŸ™‚ Simple joys of a little flour and oil.

Here’s another picture with proper bed hair and pjs enjoying her indoor sand pit.

Homemade clouddough sandpit