Happiest City in the World

On the 16th of May, Monday.. Leicester must have been the happiest city in the world. The streets were absolutely crazy, it was remarkable seeing so many people come out to salute the Foxes. Truly a carnival-like atmosphere! How lucky are we to be in Leicester at this point in time. Personally, am not a big footie person but hey ho .. for an underdog to achieve a big victory like this! Well done Leicester City FC! We sure can party and celebrate their win together with them. I am so glad I managed to bring my little one out to be part of the celebrations, putting aside my initial worries that we might get trampled especially with a bulky pushchair. We went ‘bright and early’ to Victoria Park at 3pm and there were already lots of people. Many families turned up with young children and this definitely put my mind at ease. We enjoyed a little picnic whilst taking in the atmosphere and the performances. We caught the cheerleaders, Bollywood dancers and the DJ. You can feel everyone celebrating. The vibe was just mad. Little one could feel it too and she was waving her flag with great enthusiasm.



3pm, looking around for a cozy spot.


Pitch! Time for a little picnic.



Mummy and daughter duo at Victoria Park


Thank goodness, I managed to grab some warm sugary donuts earlier. The food stations were … heaving with people by the time it was 5pm!


We left to have a bit of a rest and came back out later to catch the victory parade i.e the open top buses with the team! She was very excited to see the aeroplane and helicopters in the sky. We were lucky that it was such a lovely spring day, I could treat her to an ice lolly 🙂

By this time, you cant see an inch of ground anymore .. everywhere was filled with humans. Waves and waves of people kept coming from the city towards Victoria Park. We waited by London Road and did not even attempt to go in the Park. Ps. its reported that 240,000 people turned up for this victory parade.


Champions coming through ..




A very memorable day indeed. Thank you Leicester! A day I won’t forget and lots of pictures to share with bubba when she is older 🙂