Nottingham Goose Fair

The Goose Fair returns to thrill and delight city residents and visitors. Thrill and delight, the fair did just that! 🙂 This outing was extra special as it was Freya’s first time at a fair with us, I brought her to the Riverside Festival in August but the Mr was working.

It is not cheap as it really adds up when there is so much to eat, drink, and play. We drove, parking spaces are a fiver. Its worthwhile though as its a lovely experience for a family. Such great memories to be made at Goose Fair! Bubba might be tad young though, haha.

Lots of pictures for you to drool at 😀

Fresh donuts smothered in sugar. They were lush.

Donuts Sugared Donuts We didn’t purchase anything from here, but got to love a pastel cart!Pastel Food Cart Sausages

Tried some Spicy Jerk Chicken from this stall. I really enjoyed the mango, pineapple, ginger chutney that was served with it.Jerk Chicken IMG_3146

There were burgers.. everywhere!

Burgers aplenty Erm, and cocks on sticks?
Cock on Sticks

How cool is this booth?! Chinese Takeaway

Definitely not impossible to win as you do see people lugging their prizes around.

Goose Fair Nottingham Balloons

Daddy & Freya

Posing with our ‘win’ from Hook A Duck. 

Daddy & Freya

Sunset at The Goose Fair

Its still on till 11pm tonight and 9pm tomorrow. Fantastic family fun to be had 🙂 Go if you can xx


Moments like this are precious. We are pretty much a ‘snap-happy’ family with Freya. I am not looking forward to the day where she will find me rather annoying and look away when she spots my camera. (Please love my camera, pretty please)Candlelight dinner with daddyHere’s some breadstick for you, mummy! She is obsessed with them and pretends to share them with me.

Freya and mummy

Little family

It’s a feat trying to get her to look … and when she does ..

and another

.. the picture is slightly blurry! Oh well 🙂 We really enjoy taking her out for meals as she is such a joy at mealtimes because she truly LOVES the highchair and people. She turns into a super sociable bubba, staring at strangers, waving at them, enjoying her snacks and a pouch of baby food. Thank goodness, as we do love eating out and I cannot imagine that happening if she is very difficult.

It was our first time in Carluccio’s Nottingham. Ambience was great and it was not very packed considering we went on a Saturday evening.  Service was lovely, they even offered Freya breadsticks.

To start, I had Sardine Carpione. Grilled sardines topped with a mix of pine nuts, carrots, onions, raisins and bay leaves in a sweet and sour marinade on a bed of rocket. They excluded the nuts mix for me as little one is allergic to nuts.

Sardine Carpione at Carluccios

As much as I love rocket and fish in general, I struggled with this dish. Lots of fine bones everywhere and it was quite tough to just swallow them. Definitely not a dish to opt for when you are out on a first date or something.

Mains: Pasta Ala Puttanesca. Pasta with a spicy sauce of tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovy.

Pasta Alla Puttanesca

Al dente. Check! You can’t really go wrong with a simple dish like this especially since I am a huge fan of olives and anchovies. It was not very memorable though, delicious but not superb.

We did not feel like desserts and opted for coffees instead. Coffee and cuddles for daddy!

Cuppa time

Pretty challenging to capture the both of them as Freya is such a wriggly worm planning and trying to execute her escape.


Outtake 2

Daddy cuddles

Animals at Stonebridge City Farm

Boy oh boy. It’s the weekend and we have glorious weather! Hello sunshine 🙂 Freya is about to turn 9 months, old enough to coo and stare at animals but not very appreciative of them yet. Therefore, we cannot justify paying an entrance fee to visit farms or amusement parks just yet. There’s a farm right in Nottingham city centre which we enjoy going from time to time. Free to enter and open every day.

There’s piggies, often found rolling about in the mud.

Piggy spotted at Stonebridge City Farm

Piggy Chocolate Mould

A slow tortoise.


Chicken, ducks and turkey!

Cluck and quack

Thought I would share matching animal moulds from Baked By Me 🙂

Duck Mould

Hen Mould

Hello Goats!

Hello Goat!

Freya and the goats

Moo! I love them, they were so friendly.

Moo Moo!

and a matching chocolate cow.

Cow Silicone Mould

If I am not mistaken, this is the curly haired Angora sheep.

Angora Sheep

Baa baa sheep

Sheep Chocolate Mould

We-fie time!
Mummy Freya wefie

Bill’s Restaurant

I was in Bristol a while back & stumbled into Bill’s after Patiserie Valerie told us that they don’t do breakfast at that branch. What a delight! Such a beautiful cozy place to enjoy breakfast.

A large pot for tea! It was not filled to the top 😀

Eggs Royale! One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast. Poached eggs served over smoked salmon, hollandaise, pumpkin seeds and toasted sour dough.



Look at that yolk! Oooozeeeeee baby 😀image
Guess what? I think Bill’s is coming to Nottingham!!!! I am well excited, cannot wait to drop by.

White Rabbit Teahouse, Nottingham

Tucked away on Bridlesmith Walk, is a little gem of a teahouse. I went on a Saturday afternoon just before they closed and they were packed to the brim. Warm, welcoming and charming especially when it’s wet and windy outside. White Rabbit is done up beautifully. I do have a soft spot for duck egg colours 🙂

White Rabbit Nottingham

White Rabbit Teahouse

My friend had a slice of lime and elderflower cake. He did mention that the cake was a tad dry but JUST look at how its presented.

Lemon Elderflower Cake

I picked the best cake. Warm apple cake served with cream!! It was lush. Strong flavour and you cannot fault cream.

Apple cake with cream

Gorgeous China

Apple cake drowned in cream

Just look at the china! There was much cooing about how their tea and cake is served. Love the mismatched vintage china. Every table had a different set too! All too pretty for words. We didn’t opt for afternoon tea as we were so full from lunch at Delilah’s. The people next to us did and as soon as they left, I whipped out my phone to get a picture of this cake stand! I wanted to take this home badly. Oh dear, just cannot bring me anywhere. I shared this picture on Instagram and Twitter and quite a few people commented that they should have ‘doggy-bagged’ their leftovers. What a shame.

Gorgeous cakestand

We stayed till closing time in this lovely little place. Oh yes, I wanted to add that White Rabbit will be even better if they served loose leaf tea instead of teabags. They served excellent bagged teas but I personally feel that if one is to enjoy tea in such a pretty shop, loose leaf is the only way to go 🙂

White Rabbit Teahouse Nottingham

Aaaah, time for another cup of tea. Have a lovely Tuesday everyone.

Of Social Media and Steak at Beefeater

Yes, I eat out and order takeaway quite a bit and no, I do not write about all of them as its not paid for by the establishment. If its good, of course I would like to share as when I just moved to Nottingham, some of our lovely Twitter and Facebook friends actually messaged me a whole list of places to eat and drink. I also know lots of you that just can’t help but enjoy looking at pictures of food. Haha!

When you get acknowledgement or a little thank you. You feel like doing something more for them. It is nice that they take the time to reply or they have a good social media team.

Just received a lovely thank you note from The Bishop Langley from an old post about a meal there.

Bishop Langley reply

Have you ever tweeted Just Eat? You don’t even have to tweet them, they will still reply. Even if you send them an angry tweet about late delivery, they are quite hilarious and helpful .

Just Eat reply

Here’s another from Just Eat.

Just Eat tweet

I manage our social media platforms for Baked By Me and we try and reply as quickly as we can 🙂 Got to say it, we do love sharing our chocolatey goodies with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our blog as well as Pin on Pinterest.

Back to ‘replies’, the husband and I had an unplanned meal out yesterday after doing groceries. We were suppose to stock up our fridge and then cook a meal but we succumbed to steaks at Beefeater. I never thought I would write a foodie post about Beefeater as we tend to just drop by and enjoy a meal without giving it much thought. Ho and behold, we got a reply from them… so here goes…

Beefeater tweet

This was recommended to us by our lovely waitress. We had no clue what we ordered as we thought she mentioned garlic  bread to start and we just said yes. It was LOVELY. New to the menu, its called Tear and Share. Lovely flatbread with a balsamic dipping sauce. You must try.


When you are at the Beefeater, of course… one must order….image


Hope you did not drool too much.

Wollaton Hall, Batman’s Crib

Managed to sneak in a visit to Wollaton Hall when family came for a visit last weekend. I have just been calling it Batman’s Home as The Dark Knight Rises was filmed there.

Wollaton Hall

Got to love my husband’s parents. We walked ahead of them and when we looked back, they were taking pictures of each other. Too adorable.

Grounds of Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall Nottingham

It was a very chilly windy winter’s day. We walked around for a bit and decided to go to The Wollaton Pub & Kitchen. I have made a mental note to go back to the Deer Park at Wollaton Hall during summer.

We really enjoyed the food at Wollaton Pub and kudos to their fresh juices too. It was full house and service was friendly.


Seabass Wollaton Pub KitchenLove their chip buckets!

Chips BucketSalmon.

Salmon - Wollaton Pub Kitchen

We were too full to try desserts but I would love to go back to Wollaton Pub Kitchen! A brilliant day well spend with loved ones 🙂