Of Warmer Days and Sunshine

We have been blessed with quite a few days of glorious sunshine, it has been so warm and lovely. It feels like summer came early this year. Oh, how lucky did we get!

This feels like a sneak peek for a great summer ahead with the kiddo. There’s plenty to do when the sun comes out to play. Even lounging about in the garden for 30 minutes feels like a ‘mini holiday’.

It has to be a different selection of toys and books every time to entertain her so that I can drink my cup of tea in peace or hang a load of laundry. Ps. my laundry basket is in a great state at the moment due to the wonderful ‘drying’ weather.

I love it when the kitties get to lounge about with us outdoors too.


Little one’s selection, Sophie’s Lift The Flap book, a little tub of bubbles and her current favourite, a case of Play Doh. They are mini tubs but they are perfect as an introductory set. We don’t actually have to play with the ‘doh’ most of the time, she keeps herself very very very busy by building towers and fitting them back in their case.




Spotted … enjoying a good old fig roll whilst the tabby looks on probably longing for a cheeky nibble.


Ps. I wanted to share that we found SPARKLING Play-Doh.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 2.19.10 AM.png

They definitely did not have any glittery ones when I was young. Haha. It does pay to shop around too as its a fiver in John Lewis.