The Wedding Cake – Part 1

Hello everyone! How I have missed you, yes I am now Mrs Baked By Me and am thrilled to bits. Will write a little post about the all-important wedding cake.

So many options, so little time! How did you go about choosing THE cake? Everything is gorgeous. I was pretty decisive on cake though to be fair. I wanted a romantic cake which had a rustic feel to it for our outdoor evening reception. A relatively small cake to feed 50 people.

Here’s some of my inspiration for cakes which I found whilst browsing on Pinterest. Scroll down and have a peek at the ‘naked cake’, was actually very keen for a cake similar to that although did not want to risk the cake being soggy as it does not sit well. Birdcage cake was also high on the list. Just so very intricate and will definitely WOW.

Wedding Cake Vintage

Mint Green Ruffle cake

Naked Cake


Rustic cakes inspirationDecided on a ruffled cake!

I did not want to add extra stress to the big day by making my own cake and knew I had to get a very talented cake maker as did not want to be let down on the day. Yes, please do your research as have heard nightmare stories. The cake maker must also be very good at gumpaste flowers as I wanted a Peony on the cake just like the ‘inspiration’ picture below.

Gumpaste peony

Also wanted to include a part of ‘Baked By Me’ as part of the design! Settled on our adorable button mould. Design to include fondant buttons 🙂 Yay!

Button Mould

As I was very rushed for time, it was challenging to get a cake maker who had a time slot for me. The engagement was only 3 months!

I wanted Isabelle of The Designer Cake Company to make my cake. Had a browse on her Facebook page and fell in love with her cakes.

This is one of her gorgeous makes:

Designer Cake Company

Just beautiful. I knew her cakes will never disappoint in terms of taste as well as design. Time to beg! As I was very last minute, she had to say No as her schedule was already packed. After a few tweets from us, we actually managed to get Isabelle to say YES!

Woohoo 🙂 Next post will include OUR wedding cake by The Designer Cake Company.

Stay tuned




Wedding planning – Flowers

Eeeks, Ms Baked By Me will be Mrs Baked By Me in less than 2 weeks. Feels like I have just announced our engagement. Cannot believe the big day is nearly here. Panic time! Oh yes, Baked By Me – wise  quick quick get your orders in, we will have to close for the wedding as well as a short cheeky honeymoon. Yes, we will be open when payday arrives and  we close on the 3rd of July 12pm. We will be processing all orders on the 20th of July. Thank you for your understanding. 

Lots of you on our Facebook and Twitter pages wanted more info about bits and bobs about the wedding, planning, etc. So here goes! The first post about my crazy wedding flowers!

Why crazy? Last week, I received a surprising phone call from my wedding florist administrators! Seems our chosen florist went into administration. Our order will not be honoured and looks like we will not be able to claim our deposit back. Thankfully, we did not pay very much up front. This was not great news at all since am an ‘anything goes’ sort of Bride. The thought of having to start again and choose the bridal bouquet and decorations from scratch made me shudder.

Asked for lots of recommendations and Secret Garden in Jesmond, Newcastle came highly recommended.

Secret Garden Florist Jesmond

Off I went with a little print out of my ‘inspiration’ …

Wildflower Bridal Bouquet

No proper colour schemes, all I wanted was a rustic wildflower sort of look and feel. From the moment I stepped in Secret Garden, everything was just beautiful.

Stocks . Flowers at Secret Garden

Flowers Secret Garden

Flowers Secret Garden

Had a little wedding consultation with Terri. She was helpful and lovely. Love that she was very frank as well as I believe my taste can be questionable? Haha!

wedding consultation area at Secret Garden

Wedding flowers can now be checked off the list. Woohoo! Had a very enjoyable time as well. Fingers crossed, they will be very very very pretty. Will get to peek at them the day before the wedding! Will pen off with a wonderful wedding arrangement done by Secret Garden, Jesmond.

Wedding flowers vase jar lace